Spa pump LX JA50

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Vodní pumpa LX JA50 Expand

6 900 Kč tax excl.
8 349 Kč tax incl.

Type of product:

Circulation pump

Manufacturer / model:



Common Power reference:

1/2 HP


Volts: 230

Hz: 50

Motor KW: 0.37

HP Engine: 0.5

Wet end impellor HP: 0.5

Amps: 2.0

RPM: 2900

Capacitor: 7uF

Plumbing connections:

1.5 inch

Electrical connections:

Comes with plain cable attached

Overall outer dimensions

and WIDEST and tallest points:

Length: 325 mm

Height: 185 mm

Depth: 155 mm

Found on hot tubs such as Microsoft

Chinese Spas, Winer AMC Spa, Spa Serve and more

Additional notes:

Unions included Closest match for DXD-8 A

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