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echnical readiness for spa and pool h2>

Location of the hot tub and pool p>

Embedding the hot tub or swimming pool in the country p>

The Involvement of the hot tub and pool p>

Filling and draining whirlpool p>

Maintenance of water in the hot tub and pool p>

Chemistry p>

Filtration p>

LOCATION hot tub and pool p>

Our WHIRLPOOLS are Suitable for both indoors and outdoors. For outdoor use, we recommend full insulation. In the case of our wide selection of stocks you can find this equipment at each loop spa, as well as for internal use helps to save Costs. P>

The whirl pool is laid on a perfect plane, the maximum Possible deviation of 3 cm, preferable concrete base, but May Be Suitable Another material. Consult your dealer / experts. Expect loads up to 500 kg / m2 the according to the size of a hot tub. P>

Attention! If service is Necessary to count with about 50-60 cm extra space on each loop side of the hot tub so he could get a technician to all technologies. Whirlpool in operation, you obviously have the wall. It is best to leave the side of the control panel always be accessible. P>



All our hot tubs are Suitable for embedding. Countersink Can Be Partially or Completely (after acrylate). The Substrate must be hard! The most ideal solution is concrete. Its thickness with your dealer / experts. Again horizontal surface. P>

Attention! In the case of embedding it is Necessary to count with about 50-60 cm extra space on each loop side of the hot tub That if the service technician to get it all technologies. The Most Important side to access the page Where The control panel is located. If you embed a hot tub, consult in advance with the seller your readiness That was right! P>

to top p>

CONNECTIONS hot tub and pool p>

Recommended readiness for electrical wiring and installation of the pool p>

380 V * 5C x 4 p>

The three-phase RCD * 20A - 25A * p>

EXCEPT WHIRLPOOLS Spring recommend That electricity Preparedness and small WHIRLPOOLS.? P>

Attention! Installation and connection to electricity WHIRLPOOLS Carried out by an expert! Always consult your dealer. P>


Filling and draining the hot tub and pool p>

Whirlpools have no tap That You Had to tap water. The filling hot tubs can be Used Ideally garden hose. P>

Drain valve, each loop whirlpool can be discharged Either into the garden or into drains. When draining the garden, pay attention to the ITS gradient (unintentionally not Awash with Each Other nevyplavili neighbor or flowerbeds). P>


Can be discharged into the garden / sewer drain the valve on the hose That you deploy. The water in the Jacuzzi changes about 2x-3x a year. P>

to top p>

Maintenance of water in the pool p>

If you do not let your hot tub Installed automatic dispenser chemistry or Bromov_ salt, it is Necessary to Maintain proper water chemistry to spoil and showed no signs of contamination. It is true That what falls into the hot tub, it Also Remains. P>

Therefore we recommend to follow the basic guidelines for the prevention of contamination in the water: p>

- Before Entering the hot tub to rinse. Beware of residues soaps / Shampoos. P>

- In summer, watch out for sunscreens vニ.vod゙odolnラch! P>

- To place a whirlpool tub with water, into Which you enter before the immersion in the hot tub. You get rid of the dirt and the largest to - grass, sand, clay, etc. - That you stuck to the soles of the feet. P>

- Women and girls should have the hair tied with a rubber band. P>

- Women and girls should have the hot tub before visiting odl̆it. P>


Any dirt That seuraavilla Even after all the rules in the whirlpool break, catch Either cartridge filter (or sand, if you chose this option), or Remains on the bottom. P>


CHEMISTRY swirling pool p>

The chemical composition of the water in the hot tub is always changing. It is Mainly Caused temperature changes, natural Causes, and we share it, of course, we and frequency of our visits. Water alone can not handle trim only through a cartridge filter and Ozonitor That are part of each loop of our hot tubs. Therefore, it is an integral part of the worry about the hot tub myハs package of chemicals That we keep water clean and healthy. P>

You can choose Either the chemistry of chlorine or chlorine (tzv.aktivn� oxygen), by using about 1 week. P>


Chlorine Chemistry swirling pool p>

Time-tested method of water disinfection, Which kills all unwanted. Using high-quality products, do not worry about health hazards. It is Important to follow the indicated time intervals Between the use of chemicals, and swimming. Indicate 2 hours. After this time the chemical Formulation Has Fulfilled ITS function and can swim! P>


Chlorine free chemicals (active oxygen) p>

Suitable for Those Who do not have the chlorine Completely in love. Nowadays ITS efficacy equivalent to the efficacy of chlorine. P>

Water treatment with active oxygen Requires two products together: Tablet / powder + active oxygen activator. For us, it Means OXY SPA and the SPA and OXY. Preparations together the according to instructions on the label on the back of the mix in a container outside hot tub, and once the tablet / powder is Dissolved, pour in the water. P>

As an additional disinfection in the Meantime, we recommend to use Just Clean. Ex.: When an active oxygen inject 1 week, Then apply some 3.den Just Clean. P>


Both variants Then combined Further chemicals for water maintenance, such as Microsoft p>

PH + - The composition for pH adjustment in water p>

PH - Preparation for pH adjustment in water p>

pH tester - determination of pH in water p>

flocculants (Clarification) - Tool for removal of turbidity and organic Substances p>

Decalcit - Preparation for the immediate removal of calcium deposits p>

Antifoam - Preparation for the immediate removal of foam p>

Whirlpool pure - Preparation for a complete purge the hot tub before discharge. After His application was already Bath! Turn on all pumps for a few minutes and Then drain the water. Clean the hot tub And Then Soak and clean water. P>


Attention! Always using chemicals follow the instructions on the labels, it Achieve the right effect! For inquiries, please contact the seller! P>

Chemistry routinely send TOPTRANS after previous phone / mail order. We Assume up to meet you and love you in her will train using a free telephone / in our store. P>


to top p>

FILTER swirling pool p>

If you use classic cartridge filter, Then do not forget to occasionally check the his condition. The new filter is lovely and white, old and worn, Then gray / gray-yellow. The filter maintenance can use the powerful flow of a garden hose, a kitchen appliance (without other dishes without pills / washing powder), or bath in the chemical composition of the Clean Filter. P>

If no filter cartridge can not be Cleaned Easily replace him. The frequency of replacement filters is Measured on average 1-2 times per year. Once you see fit to buy a new cartridge, just order from our site / give us a call or e-mail know and we will send you to the correct delivery. P>

If you expect a little more from the filter and you know that it will be more burdensome recommend sand filtration. Sand filtration is required for use in spas and wellness studio, guest houses, hotels ... p>


If you have any questions, or do you solve complex technical readiness, do not hesitate to contact us! We advise and find a solution to each loop of you! P>

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Technical readiness for spa and pool

Technical readiness for spa and pool

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