River Swim Spa 03

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River Swim Spa 03 p>

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528 340 Kč

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528 340 Kč tax excl.

Pool with counterflow swim spa h2>

Pools River Swim spa p>

Only large Jacuzzi with a counter. They are designed and Developed as a professional swimming pools. They are equipped with counter-revolutionary technologies with a paddle wheel, or One that produces the best flow of water - natural, smooth, even, deep and wide. Conventional Swim Spa Used to generate counter-flow water pumps and nozzles, drought and the counter is restless and kicked up with technology River Swim surpass-. Additionally, counter with nozzles impedes swimmers breathe, thanks to the roiling surface. P>

Resistance Current Swim Spa with jets Uneven thanks jets and has limited depth. Undertow generated paddle system is Equally strong across the width of the pool and Creates the feeling That you are swimming upstream. P>

The speed and strength of the countercurrent Adjusted Easily. P>

River Swim Spa is the best option. P>

Compared common Types of pools with counterflow p>

River Swim Spa p>

countercurrent trainer p>

Swim spa p>

System p>

Undertow p>

Undertow p>

Undertow p>

Principle p>

Strongly driven water generates powerful and gentle Also flow. P>

Vane points is as wide as the pool and evokes a feeling of swimming upstream. P>

Using a blend of water and air flow Creates a counter.
Reverse intake swirl level. P>

4 uses mostly Conventional jets, Which generates the "needle"
counterflow. Current is the entire length of the pool, but it is weak. P>

Current p>

paddle-wheel p>

nozzles p>

nozzles p>

Spreading p>

max. 16667 l / min p>

max. 900-1300 l / min p>

max. 850 l / min p>

Palveck_ distance

5 ~ 8 m p>

The entire length of the pool p>

The entire length of the pool p>

Feeling from swimming p>

Excellent p>

Good p>

SO SO p>

energy severity p>

830-2800 Wh p>

3000 Wk p>

4500 Wh p>


Parameters and trim swim spa and pool with counter: p>

Underwater Light whirlpool hot tub 4
Intake valve: 1
Built-in speakers: 2
Circulation pump: 1,1HP
Heater: 11kW
Ozonator + UV lamps cartouche

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River Swim Spa 03

River Swim Spa 03

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