River Swim Spa 04

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Endless Swim Spa 04 Expand

1 set 2.25 kilowatts massage pumps

1 set 2.8 kilowatts motor

1 set 0.75kW circulating pump,

1 set 11 kilowatts heater, 1 set 12V ozoniz_rem

1 set of UV light,

1 set 10W LED light, PVC plastic skirt,

1 cartridge filter,


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600 000 Kč

tax incl.

600 000 Kč tax excl.
Product Description River swim pool
Just Relax spas Rier Swim Pool Unit comes with an adjustable and powerful laminar flow and a propeller control system, Which Enables static water it Directly flow. When the swimmer swims against the directional flows, he will have the same feeling as swimming in a river flowing without the limitation Caused by the pool's dimension and enjoy the benefits of fitness as well as the fun of swimming Freely.
Product Feature
Main Features:
Use the patented laminar flow propeller's impulse to Produce water flow and circulation.
Powerful water flow .
Smooth water surface.
Make small / medium sized pool and a real swimming pool, instead of a landscape.
System equipment can be custom-built the according to different needs.
Adjustable flow rate the according to different swimmers, feel like swimming in a real river.
9 Total flow Rates for option on the speed controller.
it integrate a set of swimming pool water treatment unit, no need to build plant room.
Adopt high quality quartz sand filter to ENSURE the pool water clean.
Automastic control, without Complicated manual operation, without professional management
Number of massage jets18
Spa size (mm) - Length5950
Spa size (mm) - width2260
Spa size (mm) - height1620
Volume (liters)10000
dry weight (Kg)1990
The number and power of the pumps2,8kw variator counterflow, 2HP massage

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River Swim Spa 04

River Swim Spa 04

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