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Jacuzzi Hera - overflow hot tub With its own buffer tank and sand filtration.

Massage bench: 6
Air jets: 12 hydromassage jets
Volume: 0.9 m3

Lighting: 14 x LED, 7 colors

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Hectic and stressful time you need to relax a little and refresh. Immerse your tired body into the warm bubbling water, add a fragrant oil or salt and let myself all work. You will feel fatigue and pain gradually subsides and comes a feeling of relief and happiness. The body blood circulation, releases muscles and joints warm up. Hot tubs or whirlpool Also Became the new lifestyle and entertainment. Whirlpools with hot water, used primarily for relaxation and Hydrotherapy. Whirlpools are Surely the ultimate relaxation at home oasis of peace and quiet.

Tub has ITS own buffer overflow tank.

In the case of commercial use we will design equipment and technology deployment, the according to your needs and the type of operation for Which Will Be Determined by a whirlpool.

Please contact us.

This whirlpool technology for home use can be found here

Overall Diameter (mm)2400
Spa size (mm) - height1000
Number of Air jets12
Number of massage jets26
Volume (liters)2400

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Hera III

Hera III - jacuzzi with overflow and buffer tank

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