Basic maintenance whirlpools and spas Just Relax


That you get your hot tub Just Relax served for many years, it is necessary to make the best care. Although specific care for a particular model hot tub is always mentioned in the user manual or help with its policies, contact your dealer, it is possible to build a universal Decalogue maintenance of any whirlpools, which will ensure compliance with its hot tub or SWIM SPA proper functionality for many years!

1 Even when choosing a whirlpool tubs, consider the ease of use and servicing. For a hot tub in which you can not get to all technical components, may be the first failure of the last one! Attentively and carefully read the user manual and all documentation and accessories. Along with contacts dealer and technician is a safe place!

2 Before each use, tubs, wash hair with shampoo and body soap ordinary. Avoid the use of cream soaps and shower gels, which tend to remain on the skin after washing. Taking a cold shower if possible without a swimsuit.

3 whirlpools filters should be cleaned regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions. The main filters are usually cleaned once a month, depending on frequency of use whirlpools. Change is based on the lifetime mentioned in the manual or in the technical specification of the filter.

4 Water should be changed at least four times a year. Certainly replace it as soon begins to show signs of dirt - is turbid, foaming or body whirlpools lets movie. Blood PH value and disinfecting water should be checked regularly using a dedicated meter. In the event that one of the values ​​does not match the manufacturer's recommendations, access to modify or disinfect water.

5 Carefully observe the covering whirlpools adequately cover the right! Not only do you prevent water pollution, but also help to increase your savings energeické whirlpools. On the cover, in any case, sit or place anything! Could you violate not only him, but also a hot tub! Be careful especially for outdoor whirlpools, which can cover to break fallen snow.

6 Under no circumstances perform complex service operations themselves - always Summon authorized technician. Too bad that you could inflict you are several times higher than what you can save your diligence.

7 Carefully choose a location for installing whirlpools! If you take it outdoors, consider whether it is appropriate to place it under trees or plants that can pollute the water leaves or pollen and thermal cover may be in jeopardy before falling větvemy.

8 If you do not use a spa bath in the winter months, it is necessary to proceed to winterizing. Because the winterizing poorly executed (eg imperfectly drained water) can seriously damage a hot tub, it should be entrusted to the care technician.

9 Care also needs facing whirlpools. Although the wood - cedar or spruce - is weather-resistant, can alter the age of irregular color in or on it may appear small cracks or defects. Wood is therefore appropriate to treat protective coatings, with their selection will help your dealer or service center.

10 If you take a hot tub year round, it is recommended once every twelve months to undergo a preventive maintenance inspection. The service technician zkontkroluje all major systems, whirlpools including motors, pumps, nozzles functionality and tightness of hoses and PVC joints. So you can be sure that your hot tub is in perfect condition and full year will only bring joy and pleasure.


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