whirlpools supplied throughout the CR and EU.

Hot tubs are becoming increasingly popular part of our gardens and interiors. For most new buildings today glimpse of shimmering blue water surface, a logical consequence of the ever-increasing standard of living, but also the needs of a healthy lifestyle. After all, swimming is one of the most recommended sports doctors and sought to relax. How to do it, if you want you can even swim whenever you have the time and mood, without unnecessary travel and in the intimate surroundings of your home? We can provide you with some quick advice and information.
The best course is to turn to the experts - the company which is engaged in manufacturing, installation and post-warranty service, such as, for example, and many others. Advise you and the whole construction will be implemented by the pool or hot tub. Surely you can not be that you did not choose. We offer a wide range of renowned brands in diverse design of many types, shapes, sizes and materials. When selecting plays perhaps the most important role in price. Acquisition is financially demanding for quality swimming pool supplied turnkey pay an average of about 300,000 crowns. Budget is not its subsequent operation and maintenance.
Once you have decided once and for swimming, it is good to invest a little more and keep in mind that this is not a short-term affair. You can not exchange it for a year more luxurious model. If you, however, opted for aboveground pool foil. They are simpler, much cheaper, but they also have a shorter life span and if you care about a perfect aesthetic impression of your garden, then you choose a better pool recessed or semi-recessed. You can choose from a variety of materials. The most expensive, but also are the most durable whirlpools of concrete. There are also stainless steel (eg. From companies) and, of course, laminate, foil and most widespread and least expensive - plastic. You also need to know what size want. For three to four-member family is at least 3 x 5 meters. Have you already chosen? Then he think about the equipment needed, such as filtration and water heating equipment, which surface around the pool, and which type of roof would suit you, choose from many types of stairs, fences, railings, and slides, and if you have not yet exhausted the budget, definitely leave to set up a counter. Very important is water disinfection. If all these worries better off to someone else, most companies engaged in the construction of swimming pools will be glad to take care of and subsequent maintenance. Otherwise awaits occasional mechanical cleaning of the pool, you have to watch PH and water hardness and of course add chemicals. Today it is due to more widespread allergies of all kinds very desirable chlorine water treatment. These include. Ozonation or water treatment to seawater. It is again a bit more expensive, such as quality, "saltshaker" from JUST RELAX - WHIRLPOOLS just yet when you actually ordered the construction of the pool, if you want to enjoy the water in the summer? The best time is early March. If on this step just thinking and believe in the warm August, it's high time to realize their wishes.
You know what's a spa? "Massage whirlpool spas are perhaps the best investment in your own health and family welfare," says its customers, which is the first manufacturer of acrylic spas in CR and one of the first in Europe. "They're home oasis, a private rehabilitation center, a place for rest and relaxation, regeneration and relaxation." Spa is a specific type of pool - it's a massage pool suitable for patios and conservatories. Its great advantage is the possibility to enjoy bathing in any weather and in any season. Spa have different dimensions and capacity, the specific division of the internal space, a variable number and placement of chairs, benches or chairs, each having a given distribution of the nozzles for massaging various parts of the body. Is a device in which it is constantly impregnated with water, which continuously heats to the desired temperature, the optimum temperature for hydrotherapy is 37 ° C to 39 ° C. Peak massage pool FIT. This pool is the flagship company JUST RELAX. Pool projected up to seven people, allows for maximum therapeutic positions, including unique front thigh massage. Energy is relatively little challenging and complex assembly of filtration and ozonation system always keeps the water crystal clear.

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