Maintenance whirlpools

If you have a hot tub spas Idol, you can be sure that the water quality meets all industry standards.

Multi-level filtration and cleaning system ensures chemically clean water free of pollution, whereby at

maintenance of water use considerably less chemicals as the other products in the market. next to

many advantages, you can be sure that the system in the treatment process kills most bacteria, pathogens,

algae and fungi. The system uses such water, which has no harmful effects on skin, hair, and does not destroy or material

swimwear. Besides how are you enjoying the comfort of a warm water whirlpool, a filtering grease and dirt from the body

take care highly efficient pumps, which provide 100% water filtration several times daily.

For easy system maintenance filters are reusable and if necessary, replacement is easy


Ozone disinfection of whirlpools

The purity of the water and piping system will take care of ozone, a natural disinfectant

It has beneficial effects on the skin firming and smoothing wrinkles.

Benefits of ozone:

- Does not alter the composition of water, the pH remains neutral

- Water hardness is reduced to the desired value

- Creates a clean and fresh atmosphere Whirlpool

System UV-C has long been the preferred system of disinfection of water in commercial swimming

pools as hypoallergenic which destroy almost 100% of bacteria and viruses in the water. equipment

swimming pools, unfortunately, it is bulky, heavy and impractical for use in household


That is why we, in cooperation with Idol spas have developed a system that is

a revolutionary product in the disinfection of small whirlpools.


You can remain calm, even if the goods purchased something happens because of our full warranty

purchased product is valid throughout the country. To be without the help available to you

emergency telephone service.

Just when you call our central number 739 668 850, where we provide a fast and efficient

Solutions to eliminate your problem. Our employees are experts, who for several

years, focusing on products of Idol spas, which can quickly and efficiently assess the causes


Supply and installation of a hot tub

Delivery and assembly of the product is carried out at two different times, because the carriers are not

Specialists in launching the products purchased. Regarding any questions, please contact

your dealer.

2 year full warranty

On a hot tub own production, we can give you up to 5 year guarantee on the construction of hot tubs 5 years

In any case, a technical unit (motors, control panel) guarantee 2-year warranty.

Whirlpools insulation in three layers

Proper insulation of heated pools as important as residential homes. triple insulation

Idol spas spas uses all the heat energy from the pumps and heaters while reflecting cold

outdoor air. Insulation material obtained from the pumps and heating system thermal energy

which is reflected through the device heats water and hot tubs.

This quality insulation will reduce operating costs to a minimum, not to mention the friendly

for the environment. On the base trim and whirlpools is 3cm thick polystyrene insulation

with a heat reflecting foil. During operation issued by the heat system recycles heat up again


operating costs whirlpools

Expected cost whirlpools determined by two major factors, power consumption and the amount of

applied chemistry at the moon.

In this model, your monthly cost, comprising the 24 hour and 1 hour filtration using

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