Many years of enjoyment and relaxation in your whirlpool spas Idol can provide just a little regular maintenance. Here are some helpful tips:

Cleaning your hot tub

A simple way to keep the water crystal

To clean the surface of the hot tub, use a mild, non-abrasive, non-soap cleanser and a gentle soft cloth or nylon fiber to remove deposited dirt. The smaller surface cleaning can also be used conventionally used baking soda. After cleaning and drying the surface whirlpools apply the product Freshwater Shine Spa to your pool looking new. You can also select and clean the pool cushions, follow the instructions in your user manual. Vinyl cover to best clean and maintain the following steps: First, remove the cover and gently spray the garden hose to loosen any dirt or debris that may have accumulated. Use a mild soap solution (one teaspoon dishwashing liquid into 7.5 liters of water) or kitchen soda, vinyl rub Gently swirl a large sponge. Then, immediately rinse with a garden hose. Rinse and inside of the cover (do not use soap) and wipe it with a dry cloth. To preserve the cover after cleaning, use a fine film of Idol spas.

Helpful hint: Before entering the hot tub with a cold shower without soap for washing and bathing suit, use a rinse cycle - this will help you avoid detergent and soap residue in water whirlpools.


Cleaning of the filter cartridges is easy. As with other systems for water filtration, your filtration cartridge can clog mineral particles or calcification of hard water, which can lead to reduced water flow. We recommend that you cleaned the filter cartridge every month. Spray the each cartridge using a garden hose when spraying it rotate to thoroughly remove all dirt in the folds of the filter. To clean the filters, use either Caruts Cleaner or to keep them in good operating condition. Keep in mind that your filters should be replaced every three years for original replacement filters.

REPLACING water in the pool

Out with the old, in with the NEW

Do not forget to drain the water from your hot tub and fulfill the instructions in your user manual to eliminate detergent residues from bathing suits and soap film from which water can accumulate.

For a fresh, clean water is recommended to use right from the beginning when filling water. This filter is connected to a common garden hose and removes organic contaminants, metals (copper and iron), and tannins before they are introduced into water whirlpools.

How to winterize your pool

WINTERISING your Whirlpool

Your swimming spas Idol was designed for year-round use in any weather. Here are some steps to help ensure that in a given season to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

If you live in an area where there are frosts, you should buy a winter blanket, which is available from your dealer whirlpools Idol spas. This vinyl, fiberglass insulated blanket, which is installed in the door of the technical space, providing additional safeguards against partial freezing of some components and maximizes energy efficiency whirlpools.

Also make sure that your cover is at the highest performance level. Check for signs of wear - make sure the seal is tight and still intact so that heat does not escape. If you notice signs of sagging, fading or cracking, it is time for a change. Certainly remove snow from the cover of the hot tub to make it on it has accumulated large amounts. Around the lock cover condensation may occur, which may lead to the formation of ice, which may delete by spraying hot water; Do not attempt to scrape the ice.

If during the winter months are going away for a few days, follow these tips:

Before leaving, adjust pH according to the instruction manual.

Superchlorináciou disinfect water or new water chlorine-free oxidizer

Idol spas according to the instructions.

Lock the cover to prevent access.

On the control panel lock function and light jets (models after r. 1998).

After returning before using align pH and disinfect the water.

If you plan to leave the house for a week or longer for more tasks related to winterizing, contact your dealer, or follow the instructions in the User Manual.

Sanitizer is extremely important for killing algae, bacteria and other undesirable impurities in the water of your hot tub. While it is important to maintain the level of sanitizer, do not turn too much because it can irritate your skin, lungs and eyes.

Idol spas recommends that only disinfection:


Granulated bromine.

DO NOT three-chloro, any type of compressed bromine or chlorine, acid, or any sanitizer that is not recommended above. If in doubt, contact your whirlpool spas Idol or our Customer Service Department.

For more information about the care and cleaning of your whirlpool see Owner's Manual. If you have any specific questions, please call us. We're here to help to maintain the water was hot tubs for you as possible. If you have technical or customer service questions, please contact our Customer Service Department or call 739 668 850


ACCESSORIES help maintain clean, clear water

The water in your hot tub is the basic component, and it is important to be kept clean, fresh and always prepared, so that it can use. We now offer two accessories that make your water treatment easier and more water in hot tubs maintain a fresh and untouched.

Idol spas - chlorine-free oxidant

Idol spas chlorine-free oxidant dissolves instantly and eliminates dirt that accumulates in your water. The chlorine-free oxidant sanitizer improves efficiency, increases the purity of the water and is compatible with bromine, chlorine and alternative disinfectants mostly. It is recommended for use with the system water care EverFresh® to achieve the best quality of water ... clean, safe, odorless or irritation.

Idol spas VAC

Idol spas Spa Vac cleans and removes dirt, gravel, leaves and other debris, without having to drain the water. This complete, vacuum cleaner, easy to use, requires no pump or battery napíjanie. An aluminum telescopic pole allows easy removal of dirt from hard to reach places. Also, you can use it on the stairs in the hot tub or swimming in the fountain.

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