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Important instructions before using the hot tub

1) Check that the drain cock overflow (if it features a hot tub) is fully open and unscrewed the cap.

2) In the period when the temperature is around 0 ° C or less, it is necessary that the whirlpool constantly connected to the electrical energy and started. Otherwise, it may freeze whirlpools and its subsequent damage which is not covered by the complaint.

¥ Launched hot tub must be placed in a location where the ambient temperature is higher than 5 ° C, to prevent freezing of residual water in the distribution system whirlpool.

¥ If there is a hot tub located indoors, make sure that when using an ozone cleaning the room was ventilated.

¥ Before the first filling hot tubs, check that there are no cartridges in the protective foil, if so, Only remove it. Initial filling and do not run the cartridges that before placing in hot tub 30min soak in a hot tub of water outside (avoid the air intake filter pump).

¥ cartridge filter clean. At least 1 year change them often and rinse with clear water (garden hose or bath in the disinfection, which is directly intended to do).

¥ In the event that the EP is displayed when you switch on circulation pump / heater, hot tub will go into emergency mode to prevent damage to the heater. To remove the messages, remove the cartridge filter and press heating.

¥ NOTE: The hot tub is equipped with massage pumps that allow jets to work independently or simultaneously. Do not connect an empty bathtub to the mains as accessories such as control, heating, jet pumps and other devices can be damaged !!!

LOCATION whirlpools hot tub and spas

Our whirlpool hot tubs are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
For outdoor use, we recommend strongly full insulation and the use of the cover. Full insulation and cover to keep the water temperature, thus saving your money as well. Covering the cover for the hot tub in the moments when you are not using it actively prevents the penetration of dirt into the water.
Full insulation and thermal cover does not hurt to apply, even if the location of the hot tub to the interior. Full isolation prevents rapid cooling water and thermal cover keeps moisture inside the hot tub to take in the moments when not actively using a hot tub, not spread in the room.
When choosing from our wide inventory of this equipment can be found at each spa because her appeal to the majority of customers.
If you install a hot tub indoors, pay close attention to the surface on which it is located. Choose a surface that is damaged or dirty. The interior is to be ventilated for moisture to be from the room whirlpools during its active use spread. Provide at least, windows that open, and after using the hot tub cover the cover for her, which does not let moisture.
Your hot tub needs a solid and level foundation. A place where the hot tub is located, must support the weight of the hot tub with water and people. If the foundation is inadequate, it may shift up or settling the hot tub on the ground and damage the hot tub.
The best is the concrete base (5-8 cm thick). Other base with your dealer / experts. Expect loads up to 500 kg / m2 according to the size of a hot tub. Load capacity elevated structures, consult a structural engineer. We recommend building baseplates for your hot tub specify qualified and licensed firm.

Attention! If service is necessary to reckon with the possible addition of about 50-60 cm space on each side of the hot tub so he could get a technician to all technologies. Hot tub in service can have, of course, the wall. It is best to leave the side of the control panel always accessible.

Note: Damage caused by inadequate or poor-quality basics warranty. Owner's responsibility is to prepare adequate foundation for its hot tub.

Where to put a hot tub?
The planned method of use will help define the position of the hot tub. For example, you use the hot tub for recreational or therapeutic purposes? If it is mainly used for family recreation, be sure that it is about enough space for other activities. If you use it primarily for relaxation and hydrotherapy, you might want to create a specific mood around.
If you live in a cold or rainy region, place the hot tub near the entrance to the house. You will be able to comfort and warmth change.
Think also about what will be seen when you sit in the hot tub. You have on your property have a favorite place that you enjoy watching? Or it might be a place where usually a pleasant breeze or perhaps a magical sunset in the evening?

All our hot tubs are suitable for embedding. Countersink can be partially or fully (for acrylic). The substrate must be hard! The most ideal solution is concrete. Its thickness with your dealer / experts. Again horizontal surface.
Cladding whirlpools even if recess leaves.
Pay attention to the bottom of the water! Preparation for staining whirlpools consult with the experts!

Attention! In the event of a complete flush is necessary to count with about 50-60 cm extra space on each side of the hot tub to take in case of service technician to reach all technologies. The most important side to access the page where the control panel is located. When partially recessing the required space around the smaller but true The more, the better. If you embed a hot tub, consult in advance with the vendor, your readiness to be correct!

CONNECTIONS whirlpools
Recommended readiness for electrical wiring and installation of hot tubs: 380 V, * 5C x 4, three-phase current protector 20A * - * 25A. We recommend that electrical readiness for small whirlpools.
Involving our spas into electricity is not for ordinary electrician nothing difficult. It is a routine matter.
When placing the cable, follow the local standards. Damaged power cord immediately. Connect only to a properly grounded wall outlet.
1) All hot tubs require a separate circuit IGA with RCD In = 0.03A, which are not connected to any other devices. Some hot tubs operating voltage of 400V, requiring 16 -20 A (breaker of 16 C, 32 A, 5-wire connection 5 × 4). Leave sufficient length of output wires to the electrical system of the hot tub to the wire may be directly connected securely.
2) If you can only use single-phase 240V connection, it is necessary in this case because of the fuses discussed individually. Whirlpool operating voltage 240V, requiring 20 min according to the type A whirlpool stronger and 25 A (circuit breaker 20 C - 25 C, 5 x 3) Allow sufficient length from the output conductors to the electrical system of whirlpools, that wire can be directly connected securely.

IDOL SPAS Ltd. is a licensed electrical contractor, it therefore has no privileges to install new wires. In the case of short wire, the customer is obliged to provide a professional company to install the wires of appropriate length.

Attention! Installation and connection to electricity whirlpools carried out by an expert! Always consult your dealer.
Attention! The cable is not included in the hot tub!

Filling and discharging water
Whirlpools have no tap that you had to tap water. The filling hot tubs can be used eg. A garden hose. Impregnated after the marked line. This line, try to observe as much as possible. Is it because of proper operation of technologies. If you are unsure of the water level, contact your dealer.
Drain valve, each whirlpool, can be discharged either into the garden or into drains. When draining the garden, pay attention to its gradient (unintentionally not awash themselves, or nevyplavili neighbors flowerbeds).
The water in the Jacuzzi changed about 2x-3x a year. Someone changed less, some more. It depends on the proper use of chemicals, but also to the feelings of each user.


Proper maintenance of water will not only have a pleasant swim in the clear and healthy water, but the life of your hot tub greatly lengthen!
If you do not leave your hot tub installed automatic dispenser chemistry, it is necessary to maintain proper water chemistry to spoil, do not show signs of dirt and were as safe for your health and proper functionality of components whirlpools.

Follow the basic instructions for the prevention of contamination in the water:
- Before entering the hot tub to rinse. Remove residual soaps / shampoos.
- In summer, watch out for sunscreens vč.voděodolných!
- To position the whirlpool tub of water into which you enter prior to immersion in the hot tub. So get rid of the biggest dirt - grass, sand, dirt, etc. - That you have adhered to the soles.
- Women and girls should have her hair tied with a rubber band.
- Women and girls should have the hot tub before visiting odlíčit.
- After using the hot tub cover the cover for her.

For coarse dirt generally true that what goes down in the hot tub, it also remains. Any impurities that after observing all the rules in the whirlpool finish it captures either a cartridge filter (or sand, if you chose this option) or the protective grille on intake at the bottom. Remove debris from the bottom of the strainer, or mechanically after the launch.

WATER TEMPERATURE whirlpools spas and hot tubs
The water temperature in the whirlpool should never exceed 40 ° C. Temperature between 38 ° C and 40 ° C is considered safe for a healthy adult. Lower water temperatures are recommended for young children, or if the bathing time is longer than 10 minutes.

Attention! Prolonged stay in a temperature higher than the body temperature, can be hazardous to health!

CHEMISTRY spas and hot tubs
The chemical composition of the water in the hot tub is always changing. It is caused mainly temperature changes, natural effects and we have to share it, of course, we, the frequency of our visits and the level of hygiene. Water itself can not handle trim only through the cartridge filter and Ozonitor that are part of each of our hot tubs. Therefore, it is an integral part of the worry about the hot tub also a package of chemicals that we keep the water clean and healthy.
Primary, the pH! (Hardness / softness of the water.) Too bad for the extremes of the hot tub! Soft water can not keep satisfactory water chemistry and may cause foaming, hard water causes limescale that clogs technology and settles on the nozzles. Extremes may therefore up to the damage and void your warranty.
Correct the pH: The pH is in the range from 1 to 14, wherein the value of 7 is neutral. Water with a value less than 7 is considered acidic and with a value greater than 7 is alkaline. The human eye has a pH of 7.5. PH values ​​below 7.2 and above 7,8způsobuje eye sting bather. Based on experience we know that most of the problems causing high pH. Poor pH reduces the effectiveness of disinfectants. 10-15 minutes after complete mixing can be measured by the new value. After use, hot tubs with the pH increase.
As maintenance chemicals against dirt, you can choose either the chemistry of chlorine or chlorine (tzv.aktivní oxygen) by using about 1 week.

Chlorine Chemistry spas and hot tubs
Time-tested method of disinfecting water whirlpools that will destroy everything unwanted. Using high-quality chlorine products intended to spas worrying about any health hazards. It is important to follow the indicated time intervals between the use of chemicals and swimming. Generally, the coordinates of at least two hours. After this time the chemical formulation has fulfilled its function and can swim! Still, however, a strong chemical preparation. We recommend using an extended absence.

Chlorine free chemicals (active oxygen) spas and hot tubs
Suitable for those who do not have the chlorine completely in love. Nowadays its efficacy equivalent to the efficacy of chlorine.
Water treatment in the whirlpool active oxygen requires the use of two products together: Tablet / powder active oxygen + activator. We are preparations OXY SPA and the SPA and OXY. Preparations with the instructions on the label on the back of the mix in a container outside hot tub, and once the tablet / powder has dissolved, pour in the water.
As an additional disinfection we recommend using the Just Clean. Ex .: When activated oxygen inject 1 week, then about Day 3 Apply Just Clean. This is done so beautifully transparent and have to look purify water.

Both variants and using more chemicals for water maintenance, such as:
pH tester - determination of pH in water
pH + - The composition for pH adjustment in water
PH - preparation for pH adjustment in water
Flocculation (Clarification) - Tool for removing turbidity and organic substances
Decalcit - Preparation for the immediate removal of calcium deposits
Antifoam - Preparation for the immediate removal of foam
Whirlpool pure - preparation for a complete purge the hot tub before discharge.

Attention! Always in the application of chemistry in the whirlpool follow the instructions on the labels, to achieve the right effect or a damaging components of the hot tub and at the same time avoid health complications! If you have questions, contact the dealer!
Attention! It is important not to combine chemicals with no time spacing! This can lead not only to a malfunction of chemistry, but also damage to the components whirlpools or potential health problems (eye irritation, itching or rash, etc.). Always follow instructions on the label!
Attention! Damage caused by a clearly improper use of chemicals is not covered under warranty.
Note chemistry to routinely send jacuzzi TOPTRANS after previous phone / mail order.

FILTRATION spas and hot tubs

A part of each spa is a cartridge filter. Do not forget to occasionally check his condition! The new filter is a lovely white, old and worn, then gray / gray-yellow. For maintenance of the filter, you can use a strong flow of garden hose, a kitchen appliance (without other dishes without pills / powder dishwashing), or in a chemical bath of Clean Filter (directions for use on the back). Maintenance is recommended at least 1 month. Never use products containing alcohol to clean up the FILTER
If you have a hot tub cartridge filter can not be cleaned, simply replace it. The frequency of replacement filters is given on average 1-3 times per year. Replacing the individual according to frequency of use of the hot tub, correct use of chemicals and hygiene. As soon as you see fit to buy a new cartridge, just stop in our store, order from our website or give us a call or e-mail know and we will send it by cash on delivery.
1 Remove the cover from the filter.
2 Turn filter (in case you have threaded).
3 Clean the filter as recommended above.

If you expect a little more from the filter, and you know that it will be more burden, it is recommended to install a whirlpool sand filtration. The type and size with your dealer! The sand filters, consider the case of large families as well as larger whirlpools. Sand filtration is then required when using hot tubs commercially. (Wellness studios, guest houses, hotels ...). This is true but also other obligations of the operator, which you should be careful if you plan to use the hot tub just for commerce.

WINTER OPERATION spa and hot tubs.

Jacuzzi is used both in summer and during the winter. His hot tub after all, some prefer to use for relaxing in the winter. Water you warm and beautifully released. So if you have not tried using a hot tub in the winter, really we recommended!
There are advantages and disadvantages when draining the hot tub for winter. Draining the hot tub for the winter while saving you the cost of electricity that would otherwise in the hot tub during the winter leave, but the biggest damage whirlpools comes at a frost. It is caused either wrong wintering whirlpool hot tubs, but if he really freeze up crunching, even the best winterizing help. Some water always remains in the tubing. Just after draining the residual water may cause damage much greater than any saving in draining the spa.

If you really whirlpool tub in the winter to fully exploit and have it placed in the exterior or unheated areas, we recommend the following:
- Set half-dose regimen chemistry. (In the event, it would be chemical dosing is inadequate, increase the dosage discretion).
- Set the control panel power saving mode according to the instruction (to set the hot water for 5 hours a day at the lowest temperature (varies according to the type of hot tubs, standard 15 ° C)).
- Circulation and heating set to at least 5 hours a day.

We recommend setting heat and ozone disinfection at intervals of 12 hours (eg .: if you set the heater at 12:00 noon, we recommend filtering subsequently set at 24.00).
If you have a whirlpool placed in the exterior and outdoor temperatures drop below 0 ° C, we recommend turning on the circulation pump 24 hours a day.

If you want a hot tub drain, contact your dealer, who will schedule your exit technique.

Attention! In winter draining the hot tub yourself, but call the professionals!
Attention! Launched a whirlpool must be placed in a location where the ambient temperature is higher than 5 ° C, to prevent freezing of residual water in the distribution system whirlpool.
Note: The whirlpool frost damage is not covered under warranty (even if winterizing).


ATTENTION - danger of drowning
Children without adult supervision must not use the hot tub, or move close to her. If the hot tub is not in use, cover it and possibly secure the cover.
WARNING - risk of injury
Suction equipment whirlpools are designed for specific values ​​of water flow created by the pump. If necessary suction pump or replaced, make sure it is compatible.
Never operate the hot tub if the suction device or filter is damaged or missing. Never replace a suction due to incompatible (with different values ​​of flow).

ATTENTION - danger of electric shock
Do not place your hot tub under overhead power lines (minimum distance is 3 meters)
Place the hot tub at least 1.5 meters from all metal surfaces.
Any electrical device (lighting, telephones, radios, televisions, etc ...) must be near the hot tub (minimum prescribed distance is 1.5 m) Never allow use of any electrical equipment inside the hot tub.
Wiring done by experts!

CAUTION - is not designed to pets
Jacuzzi is a good place for bathing pets. Staying in the hot tub can cause them stress, health problems, injuries, drowning.

WARNING - Reduce the risk of injury
High water temperatures can cause problems during pregnancy. Pregnant women should consult the use of the hot tub with your doctor.
Consuming alcohol or drugs before or during bathing may lead to unconsciousness and drowning.
People using medication should consult the use of the hot tub with your doctor.
People suffering from obesity, heart problems, high or low blood pressure should consult the use of the hot tub with your doctor.
Make sure that nearby hot tub is protected against water retention to prevent slipping and possible injury.

Hyperthermia hazard
Prolonged exposure to hot air or water can induce hyperthermia. Hyperthermia occurs when the internal temperature of the body increases by 2-4 degrees above the normal temperature (37 ° C). Although short-term hyperthermia indisputable benefit for health, it is important that the body temperature does not exceed 39.5 ° C.
Symptoms of excessive hyperthermia include dizziness, lethargy, drowsiness and fainting. Excessive hyperthermia can cause:
Failure perception of temperature
Inability to recognize when it is necessary to leave the hot tub
Inability to realize the imminent danger
Fetal damage in pregnant women
Physical inability to exit hot tub

WARNING - The use of alcohol, drugs, or medications greatly increases the risk of hyperthermia

WARNING: People with infectious diseases should not use a hot tub
ATTENTION: Be careful when entering and when exiting the hot tub. It might get injured.
CAUTION: Do not use alcohol and drugs before and during use of the hot tub. May cause unconsciousness, resulting in drowning
CAUTION: Do not use a hot tub immediately following strenuous exercise.
ATTENTION: Too long, hot tubs can be dangerous to your health
WARNING: Chemistry in whirlpools use according to the manufacturer's instructions.



Dirty water
Dirty filters
Clean the filters

Unsatisfactory disinfection

Catching particles
Add disinfectant

Organic factors
PH is adjusted to the correct value

Wear water
Turn on the circulation and clean the filters

Drain the water from the pool, clean and refill.

Smelly water
Too many organic pollutants in water

Unsatisfactory disinfection
Add disinfectant

Low pH
Adjust the pH

Smell of chlorine
Chlorine level is too high

pH is low
Adjust the pH to the required value

Musty smell
Bacteria and algae
Disinfect or replace water

Organic deposits / circle around the pool
Deposits of oil pollution
Wipe off the dirt, disinfect. If necessary, replace the water ..

High pH and low level disinfection.
Disinfect, and adjust the level of disinfection.

Eye irritation
Low pH and low level disinfection
Adjust the pH disinfect

Irritation of the skin
Not disinfected water, the chlorine content is above 5ppm
Disinfect, and adjust the level disinfection, set the chlorine content below 5ppm

Alkalinity or pH is low, increase the iron content in the water.
Adjust alkalinity and / or pH

The high calcium content, alkalinity and pH is high
Adjust alkalinity and pH - if the foam remains, replace water and had thoroughly clean the bathtub.


Jacuzzi not working
Omits voltage, charging in GFCI fault, error thermostat
Check the electricity supply, Turn again GFCL if it does not start, consult a workshop. Disconnect from the power supply for at least 30 seconds. If even now does not start, check the filters, if not blocked. If the problem persists, contact the service.

Jacuzzi is not heating, but the jets and light operate (voltage indicators are flashing)
Built-in pressure switch, open the circulating pump
Check the filter tank. Vestavěnýtlakovývypínačse starts, when thou obnovícirkulace přestopení. Pokudsetopeníinadáleblokuje, call for service. Zkontrolujtefiltračnínádrže.Odpojtebazénod mains, nechtecirkulační čerpadlovychladnout. Consult hay service if chybacirkulačního čerpadlabude persist.

Nozzles are weak
The water level is low. Filtrseucpal, air management sezavřelo, tryskyse closed
Add the water. Clean the filters. Open air control. open nozzle.

The lamp is broken
Lamp wiring is faulty
Correctly attach the lamp.

Voltage indicator flashes
The thermostat on the heating restriction is flawed
Disconnect the pool from the mains for at least 30 seconds. If the fault persists, check the filters, whether nezacpaly, contact the service.

Voltage indicator flashes
Error temperature sensor
Unplug for 30 seconds when flashing persists call service

Quality Guarantee and the right of defective performance

According to § 2161 of the Act. 89/2012 Coll. the seller undertakes that the matter on receipt no defects.
The seller is responsible for ensuring that the case is fit for the purpose which provides for its use.

The usual purpose of the use of whirlpools is noncommercial use. If therefore the buyer a legal entity, or if the buyer natural person who either uses or allows another to use the subject matter of this contract for commercial or similar use, the parties negotiated a quality guarantee in the length specified in Art. 6.4. point. d).

The Seller warrants that the acrylic laminate jacuzzi retain structural integrity and shape for a period of 2 years. During this period, ensures:
1) 100% compensation or reimbursement of repairs during the first 2 years after purchase (acrylate technology, pumps, etc. in case of installation vendor, and except as provided in point. D) of this Article;
2 b) the seller provides a 5-year warranty on the support structure whirlpools;
3 c) the seller provides a 2-year warranty on the equipment, the control electronics, pumps, Blowers and other parts.
4 d) the seller provides for the cases referred to in Article 6.3.. quality guarantee period of 6 months for the equipment, the control electronics, pumps, Blowers and other parts and support structure whirlpools;

In the event of a fault goods retailer according to his ability, repair or replace the goods on the basis of:
1) Purchase Agreement and confirmation of payment.
2 b) Confirmation of fault our authorized representative on the spot. Repair or replacement will be confirmed only after confirmation of the defect.
3 c) Warranty repairs will be performed free of charge, if the buyer's own bath and goods at the place of acceptance in accordance with the purchase agreement.
The guarantee does not apply to the goods specified in the purchase agreement, which was subject to accident, negligence, mishandling (incl. Use other than for private purposes), unauthorized repairs, improper installation, natural disasters, damage from ice or frost.

The guarantee does not apply to the goods specified in the purchase agreement., Which has been subject to misuse chemistry! Especially in cases in case of incorrect maintenance of blood pH. (It will be verified on the spot).

Seller is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages in connection with use of the product or its failure and is not responsible for any color variations with multicolored acrylic.
Any complaint purchaser exercises recommended in writing to the address o

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