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The best way how to inform us about service you need is to send us an email with photos of your spa and information (photos) about a technology. Please, send as many information as you know to this e-mail adress:


We provide service of hot tubs, whirlpools all kinds!

Service swim spa hot tubs and swimming pools

Our company servicing all of Jacuzzis and pools of brands and manufacturers!
We also winterizing swim spas, swimming pools and whirlpools.

Contact us in case of any query.

We now offer an express service with a guaranteed exit technique in 24 hours.

Transport 12 CZK / km outside of Prague 15 CZK / km in Prague.

Work at Exit Express 1160 CZK / h.

(prices excluding VAT)

Standard service hourly rate on ordinary operations is 680 CZK / h

Breakdown of individual tasks and tariffs for service whirlpools:

1. Correct acrylic hot tubs, pools, swim spas and baths.

- Award for his work in 1700 CZK / hour + price for the material used

2. Replace PUMPS hot tubs, pools, swim spas and baths.

- The price for the work CZK 680 / hour + price for the material used


- The price for the work CZK 680 / hour + price for the material used

4th IMPROVED INSULATION bathtubs, hot tubs AND SWIM SPA for cost saving.

- The price for the work CZK 680 / hour + price for the material used


In the case of prolonged non-use of hot tubs, swimming or its part, and in case of proper nezazimování, risk of freezing of residual water in the hose circuits, pumps and heating! When freezing occurs to destroy these devices and automatic extinction of guarantees from the sale.

A description of the activities carried out: If the whirlpool is contaminated or the water smells or on the walls of the hot tub limescale, we recommend cleaning or descaling. Cleaning is not a part of winterizing - see below. cleaning.

Description of the activities:
• Drain water from shell
• Vacuum water from the hoses, heater and pumps
• Drying and wipe the inside of the shell, adjusted head restraints and housing
• General Check status whirlpools and its technology (check the tightness and condition)
• Instructing the customer for future impregnation

Duration: 1-2hod (whirlpool), 2-3 hours (Swim Spa and Pool)
- The price for the work 700, - CZK / hour + antifreeze

You must provide: access to the electrical connection - breaker, socket 220 / 240V in the range up to 8m from the hot tub for electrical equipment. (Do not discharge hot tub in temperatures well below freezing!)


Performing cladding of cedar hot tub cabinet is highly resistant to weather and pests. Untreated wood, however, is subject to the processes of time and the wood gets dark shades, it must therefore painted with a protective coating. Such treatments, we recommend at least 1 year, making them better protected against UV radiation and thereby obtaining a back patina of new wood and also extends its life.

Description of the activities:

Repair of minor scratches and abrasions
Removing the service door, checking for leaks whirlpools its technology and electronics
Painting of a special agent to the outer surface of the cabinet whirlpools protecting wood and original coloring.
Duration: 1-2 hours
Price: 1200-1600 CZK including original paintwork
You must provide: painting is only possible without rain at temperatures above 10ºC.

7th CLEANING whirlpools swim spa or swimming pool.

Cleaning tubs can sort the routine replacement of water and deep cleaning whirlpools, ie. in cases of pollution, where the water smells bad, the walls are lime deposits and there is a reasonable suspicion of sediment and contaminated pipes.

Description of the activities:

Establishment of scale. Deposits required a special solution to dissolve in warm water and leave over night - the following day to start cleaning. Appropriate to separate the day ahead.
Cleaning of hot tubs using products for cleaning whirlpools. Clean up the edges of the hot tub, pillows, nozzles.
Drain the water, filling water - stir - rinsing, draining. Revision of filter backwash filter
Filling the water and its measurement values ​​- starting treatment chemicals. Clean up the cover. Checking the inside of the cover - cleanup
Checking for leaks hydro massage areas, inspection technology, electrical.
Duration: depends on the degree of contamination and the rate of filling. Rough estimate approx. 2-4 hours.
Price: CZK 680 / hour. + Quantity of chemical products. In order to secure our resources below the price charged by consumption of resources.
You must provide: access to the circuit breaker, the point of discharge, a garden hose with a sufficient supply of water for filling the hot tub. 220V / 240V 10m from the hot tub for electrical equipment.

8. Total SERVICING THE SWIM SPA whirlpools or swimming pool.

 Comprehensive inspection of all parts and components whirlpools, including cleaning, replacement of water, restoration of the Cabinet, testing and inspection functionality whirlpools. Ensuring a smooth shape to your whirlpool operate efficiently and reliably. This inspection tour is recommended to 1 year.
It is also recommended because of the substantial extension of the life of the spa.

Description of the activities:

Cleaning of hot tubs (see No. 7)
Maintenance cedar cabinet (see No. 6)
The tour overall condition whirlpools
check all connectors, cables and grounding cables connected to the appliance - clean
and leak check all the valves (power distributor, waterfall, cervical jets, or their replacement and tightening)
check the tightness of all hoses and PVC joints
check the tightness of all jets (water and air) including hoses
ozonisers control and device functionality. Check guarantee and verification whether it needs replacing.
making sure that all hose clamps are tight and fine
control operation whirlpools in sharp run and test modes
display control, control of water temperature and correct measurement, whirlpools menu
check all pumps (motors) in reverse
DC air control (control BLOWER JETS)
seal control valves air intake
control of lights, including digital effects
The tour includes an overall inspection and repair. Repairs major character according to the used / available spare parts. Replaced parts which are not covered by the warranty, the customer pays separately. Before this act of the customer will be aware of this fact.

Duration: 3.5-5 hours depending on the above conditions and the size of the whirlpools.
Price: about 2.800-4000 CZK
You must ensure: Access to the circuit breaker whirlpools and a 240V socket 10m from the hot tub (for power). Adequate supply of water (garden hose) and where it is possible to drain the water.
Surrounding the hot tub technician will be given to its original state.


- The price per hour, or by appointment.

10. Travel

Price of transportation:
         - Prague 15 CZK / km
         - Outside of Prague 12 CZK / km
The exit point is considered Showroom at: Zděbradská 56 Jažlovice, Prague-East. The tariff rate is calculated there and back, unless otherwise agreed.

All prices are without VAT

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