Terms and Conditions of spas hot tub whirlpool buing 

I. Basic Provisions for spa buyers

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between the parties to the contract - between Suncom CZ sro, ID 26484609, VAT: CZ26484609 Registered office: High 110 269 01 Rakovník, (hereinafter "Suncom CZ") and the purchaser (the "Purchaser ").

Website operated by Suncom CZ is a classic web shop. Serves as a catalog of products that can be viewed and then ask the merchant of SunCom CZ.

Storage goods buyer can personally try in our shop at Zděbradská 56 Jažlovice.

Due to the nature of the goods, we recommend a personal visit and consultation with the seller of SunCom CZ.

By inquiring buyer confirms that he is familiar with these Terms and Conditions, which forms an integral part of communication prior to the conclusion of a complaints procedure, and that they expressly agree, and as amended and in force at the moment of sending demand.

Buyer is aware that the purchase of products that are in the business offer Suncom CZ no right to use registered trademarks, trade names, company logos etc. Suncom GB or contractors, unless by a special agreement stipulates otherwise.

II. Communication from pre-contract

SunCom CZ informs that:

a) the cost of the means of distance communication is no different from the standard rate (or in. Internet and dial-up connections to the terms of your operator, Suncom CZ do not charge any additional fees, it does not apply to or. contract of carriage);

b) requires payment of the purchase price by the buyer before accepting performance from Suncom CZ. Prep. the obligation to pay a deposit or similar payment applies Buyer's requirements for the provision of specific services, when they are required and provided;

c) does not enter into contracts for the performance is repeated, if such contract provides the shortest period of time, after which the treaty will bind the parties, telling the provider of the transaction, including details about the price or the method of its determination per billing period, which is always one month if this price is fixed;

d) in the case of license agreements concluded for an indefinite period, the license price agreed for the entire period of the license, unless stated otherwise;

e) the prices of goods and services on websites operated Suncom CZ and inclusive of VAT, including any charges laid down by law, however, the cost of the supply of goods or services vary according to the method chosen transport provider and method of payment;

f) if the buyer is a consumer, such a consumer has the right to rescind the contract (unless otherwise stated below) and within fourteen days, which runs, in the case of

1) the purchase contract, the date of receipt of goods,

2) agreement the subject of several kinds of goods or supply of several parts, from receipt of the final delivery of the goods, or

3) The agreement, which is subject to regular recurring delivery of goods, from receipt of the first deliveries of goods;

and this withdrawal must be sent to the headquarters Suncom CZ sro;

g) the consumer can withdraw from the contract:

1) service that Suncom CZ fulfilled with the prior express consent of the consumer before the deadline for withdrawal;

2) the supply of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations of financial markets beyond the control Suncom CZ, and which may occur during the period for withdrawal;

3) the supply of goods, which has been modified as desired by the consumer or to his person;

4) the supply of goods subject to rapid deterioration, as well as goods that have been delivered over irretrievably mixed with other goods;

5) the repair or maintenance carried out at a place determined by the consumer's request; It does not apply in the case of a subsequent version other than the requested repairs or delivery of non-requested spare parts;

6) the supply of sealed goods which the consumer has unsealed hygienic reasons it is not possible to return;

7) for the supply of audio or video recordings or computer program, if violated their original packaging;

8) for the supply of digital content, if not supplied on a tangible medium and came with the prior express consent of the consumer before the expiry of the deadline for withdrawal, Suncom CZ emphasizes that, in the case of digital content delivered online can withdraw from such contract.

h) in the case of withdrawal the consumer will bear the cost of returning the goods, even if, in the case of a contract through means of distance communication and requires the return of goods other than ordinary postal service;

i) the consumer has the obligation to pay a proportional part of the price in the event of withdrawal from the contract for the provision of services and whose performance has already begun;

j) contract, respectively. relevant tax document will be stored in the electronic archive Suncom GB, while registered users Suncom CZ the data will also have access to your profile;

k) if the consumer has a complaint, it can be applied at any merchant Suncom GB, then you can lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority or state supervision according to law.

III. Agreement

Buyer can conclude an agreement so that the site operated Suncom CZ desired performance (goods) inserted into the cart, choose the method of payment and shipping. After sending the request the buyer will be contacted by a trader of SunCom CZ. Details of purchase due to the nature of the goods solves individually and both sides established the Purchase Agreement.

The order is binding only after the buyer agreed with the trader Suncom GB on the details of the purchase.

IV. Ordering goods and Delivery

For goods that are not in stock, delivery time is 3-4 months. This period begins to count down to the moment when the buyer drafting the purchase agreement and he will pay the deposit invoice / invoice for the total amount. Deposit a minimum of 40% of the total price paid by buyers of goods before ordering goods, cash or bank transfer on the basis of the relevant invoice. Between seller and buyer is drafting the purchase agreement, which contains all the information about ordering goods on the requisites of the whole transaction, which concluded with both parties.

Buyer agrees to pay the Seller the purchase price in the required amount before handing over the goods.

In the case of the selection of the current inventory can be instantaneous delivery according to time schedule of both parties. Payment terms are agreed upon individually.

V. Forwarding Conditions

Goods can be shipped to the buyer in the following ways:

1. The purchaser must provide a service itself, from the point of retail at Zděbradská 56 Jažlovice

For damages caused by shipment does not bear any responsibility Suncom E!

2. Transport safeguard our technology, which is charged, in accordance with the following:

17 CZK / km, VAT (journey there and back, the exit point of the shop is Zděbradská 56 - Jažlovice).
with shorter Distance is calculated minimum price for transport CZK 800 without VAT (50 km there and back)
3. Contractual carrier. In this case, the price is determined according to the price list.

For damage caused to contract transport does not bear any responsibility Suncom E!

The price does not include transportation whirlpools:

a) Work on-site technicians - handling goods. Ensure that the buyer himself or to use our technicians under the following payment terms:

CZK 500 without VAT / hour / 1 person

12 CZK without VAT / km - journey there and back calculated from the headquarters showroom

b) Putting goods commissioning and training of the buyer.

If the buyer has agreed to Suncom CZ transportation and assembly in another way, it will be so stated in the Purchase Agreement.

At the moment when the goods are handed over to the buyer, with him signed delivery note and handed over all documents related to the delivered goods.

For transport of goods is always sufficiently packed.

All additional costs associated with installation, including transport, shall be borne by the customer.

For moving bulk goods (whirlpool) provides the necessary number of staff is always buyers (number of persons shall be determined after consultation with the technician Suncom CZ with regard to the accessibility of the place where the goods are to be installed). Alternatively, you can order the relocation Suncom CZ.

VI. Opening hours

Opening hours shop Suncom CZ, Zděbradská 56 Jažlovice

Monday - Friday: 9: 00-18: 00

Saturday: 10: 00-15: 00

Sunday: by appointment

VII. Warranty and return policies

It covers and is uplatitelná only to the original seller - Suncom CZ sro

Suncom CZ ensures that laminated acrylic bathtub retains structural integrity and shape for 2 years. During this period, guarantees 100% coverage of repairs or replacement during the first 2 years of purchase. (Acrylate, technology, pumps, etc., in the case of installation by the seller.)

SunCom CZ provides a 5-year warranty on the tub support structure.

SunCom CZ provides 2-year warranty (with one year of commercial use) equipment, the control electronics, pumps, DC air and other technological parts.

Complaint including defect removal whirlpools seller will be settled without delay. Services are arranged chronologically. Exceptions are urgent cases requiring immediate service.

The warranty does not cover parts baths, which are subject to normal wear and tear, for example. Wear a filter, changing the appearance of wood paneling, changing the appearance of colored acrylic (caused, for example. Improper use of chemicals).

The customer is in case warranty service shall:

- What does accurately describe the defect, preferably mission detailed description with photographs by email: office@idol.cz, info@virive-vany-bazeny.cz. On the basis of this information depends on further communication and technology readiness for service.

- Secure access to the hot tub service technician offered to date, and Purchase Contract. If this condition is not met, the seller reserves the right to reject the claim and in any case to charge the buyer the way there and back (exit point counts store address Zděbradská 56 Jažlovice).

- Pay transportation equipment, namely as follows:

CZK 15 without VAT / km within Prague

or 12 CZK without VAT / km outside Prague

Payable journey there and back. The exit is always to shop at Zděbradská 56 Jažlovice

Shipping is paid in cash directly to the technician, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Shipping will be reimbursed in the event of payment above-standard package Involvement, training when buying goods or other pre-arranged, extra conditions mentioned in the Purchase Agreement.

- Executed a service technician on site documented on the Service certificate, which is signed by the customer and confirms it with his signature.

Void your warranty

The claim expires:

1. After the expiry of the above deadlines.

2. In case of improper installation, improper putting the goods into operation and hot tubs.

3. When improper use of the goods and entrusting unauthorized service.

Post-warranty service

We provide the following conditions:

Spare parts buyer pays in full.

It also covers:

CZK 500 without VAT / hour of work equipment

CZK 15 without VAT / km within Prague

or 12 CZK without VAT / km outside Prague

Payable journey there and back. The exit is always to shop at Zděbradská 56 Jažlovice

The total amount is paid in cash directly to the technician, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Service is performed on-site technician documented on the Service certificate, which is signed by the customer and confirms it with his signature.

VIII. Final Provisions

These General Terms and Conditions, including its components are valid and effective from 1 1st 2014 and repeals the previous version of GTC, including its components.

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