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IMPORTANT SAFETY use the hot tub

Read and follow all instructions for the use of the hot tub


DANGER: Risk of injury. The suction fittings in this hot tub are sized to match the specific water flow created by the pump. If it is necessary to replace the suction fittings or the pump, be sure that the flow rates are compatible. Never operate the hot tub if the suction fittings are broken or missing. Never replace a suction fitting with one rated less than the flow rate marked on the original suction fitting. DANGER: Risk of drowning. Do not let children in or around the spa without adult supervision. Keep your hot tub cover on and locked when not in use. See the instructions enclosed with the cover for locking procedures.

DANGER: Risk of electric shock. Power supply for this product must include a suitably rated switch or circuit breaker to open all ungrounded supply conductors in accordance with Section Act, the National Electric Code, ANSI / NFPA 70. The disconnect must be readily accessible and visible to the hot tub residents but installed at least 5 feet (1 5 meters) from the hot tub water.

READ and follow these instructions

a) green colored terminal or a terminal marked G, GR, Ground, grounding or symbol * is located inside the supply terminal box or compartment. To reduce the risk of electric shock, this terminal must be connected to the grounding means provided in the electric supply service panel with a continuous copper wire equivalent size to the circuit conductors that supply this equipment.

b) at least two lugs marked "Bonding meshes" are formed on the outer surface, or inside the power terminal compartment. To reduce the risk of electric shock, connect the local common bonding grid in the hot tub to these terminals with an insulated or bare copper conductor not smaller than No. 6 AWG.

c) All field installed metal components such as rails, ladders, drains or other similar hardware within 5 feet (1.5 meters) from the hot tub must be connected to the equipment grounding bus with copper conductors not smaller than No. 6 AWG.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury: The water temperature in the whirlpool should never exceed 104 ° F (40 ° C). Water temperatures between

100 ° F (38 ° C) and 104 ° F (40 ° C) are considered safe for a healthy adult. Lower water temperatures are recommended for young children and when hot tub use exceeds 10 minutes. Since excessive water temperature has a high potential to cause harm to the fetus during the first months of pregnancy, pregnant or possibly pregnant women limit the temperature of the hot tub water to 100 ° F (38 ° C). If pregnant, please consult a physician before using a hot tub. Before entering the hot tub, the user should measure the water temperature with an accurate thermometer since the tolerance of water temperature regulating devices may vary as much as +/- 5 ° F (2 ° C). Persons suffering from obesity or a history of heart disease, low or high blood pressure, circulatory system problems or diabetes should before using a hot tub consult a doctor.

CAUTION: Risk of hyperthermia: Hyperthermia occurs when the internal body temperature reaches a level several degrees above the normal body temperature of 98.6 ° F (37 ° C). Symptoms of hyperthermia are ovířivkalost, lethargy, and an increase in internal body temperature. Prolonged immersion in hot water may induce hyperthermia. Description of the causes, symptoms and effects of hyperthermia are as follows:

• ignorance of the impending danger;

• Failure to perceive heat;

• Failure to recognize the need to exit hot tub;

• Physical inability to exit hot tub;

• fetal damage in pregnant women; and

• Unconsciousness and danger of drowning.

WARNING: Children should not use a hot tub without adult supervision.

WARNING: Do not use a hot tub unless all suction guards are installed to prevent body and hair interceptions.

WARNING: People with infectious diseases should not use a hot tub. WARNING: To avoid injury, be careful when entering or exiting the hot tub.

WARNING: Do not use drugs or alcohol before or during the use of the hot tub to avoid unconsciousness and possible drowning. Use of alcohol or drugs can greatly increase the risk of fatal hyperthermia in hot tubs.

WARNING: Pregnant or possibly pregnant women should consult a physician before using a hot tub.

WARNING: Water temperature higher than 38 ° C (100 ° F) may be injurious to your health. Before entering the hot tub, measure the water temperature with an accurate thermometer.

WARNING: Do not use a hot tub immediately following strenuous exercise.

WARNING: Prolonged immersion in a hot tub may be injurious to your health.

WARNING: Do not allow electrical appliances (such as lights, telephone, radio, television, etc.) within 5 feet (1.5 meters) of this hot tub, unless such appliances are built by the manufacturer. WARNING: People using medications and / or having an adverse medical history should consult a physician before using a hot tub or Jacuzzi.

NOTE: when using the hot tub to observe a reasonable time limit. Long exposures at higher temperatures can cause high body temperature. Symptoms may include dizziness, nausea, fainting, ovířivkalost, and decreased consciousness. These effects could lead to drowning.

NOTE: Enter and exit the hot tub slowly. Wet surfaces can be very slippery.

NOTICE: Proper chemical maintenance of hot tub water is necessary to maintain safe water and prevent possible damage to hot tub components. Maintain water chemistry in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

WARNING: Use the straps and clip tie downs to secure the cover when not in use. This will help to discourage unsupervised children from entering the hot tub and keep the hot tub cover secure high wind conditions. There is no representation that the cover, clip tie-downs, or actual locks will prevent access to the hot tub. CAUTION: exercise, water would not exceed 90 ° F (32 ° C). NOTE: When using this electrical equipment, always follow basic safety precautions.

PREPARATION AND SET-UP to your new hot tub instead of your new hot tub:

To keep in mind how you intend to use the hot tub and plan accordingly locations.

• How far away is the spa from the east or the entrance to your house?

(consider cold weather)

• The path to the spa clean debris, sand, grass? (so that

watch the spa)

• The protection against wind, bad weather?

• Can neighbors or passers-by to see the hot tub?

Note: Allow for service access: Many spa owners enjoy putting their hot tubs in the decorative cover or deck. Keep in mind that you must have access to the equipment for maintenance and hot tubs should be able to be moved or deleted without destroying the special guard or his surroundings. You should consult your dealer when designing the placement.



All self-contained hot tubs to use 120VAC or 240VAC electrical spa packages .. These instructions describe the only acceptable electrical wiring procedures. Whirlpools involved in any other way will void your warranty and can cause serious injury. All installations should be completed by a certified electrician. Failure to comply with state and local regulations may result in fire or injury, and will be the sole responsibility of the spa owner.

120VAC: This requires insulated 20A circuit breaker. It must be isolated circuit with no other appliances or lights on this circuit at any time. Extension cables can be used in conjunction with operations spa. Low voltage can cause damage and void your warranty. Note: All components must be 120V; No 240V components permitted.

240VAC: Depending on the model, the spa, it will require either a 40 or 50 Amp Amp dedicated circuit breaker, GFCI, with proper wire size based on the length of the run. Electrical circuit must be installed by a licensed electrician and approved by a local building or electrical inspector.


Your new portable hot tub must be placed on a firm, level surface so whirlpools weight is supported uniformly. We recommend that not less than

3 "(93 mm), the thickness of the concrete slab. Wooden paneling or balconies must be designed to support 150 pounds per square foot (730 kg / m2). See also the current local building codes in your area. Check engineer

live load in your area. If your new hot tub need to go through the gate, the opening should be at least 48 inches and up to 8.5 "Ground clearance depending on unit size.

Note: Damage caused by alternative methods decking can avoid the spa warranty. Consult your dealer coast Whirlpool, if you have any questions regarding health resort or location.


Your new spa abandoned factory cleaned and polished. You may have to clean up all the debris that has accumulated during the expedition. Using warm water and a sponge or cloth.

Filling your hot tub COAST

Make sure that all the plumbing fittings are secure (hand-tight) in the device area.

Make sure that all electrical plugs and

connections are made, they may

loosen during transport.

Before filling, remove the filter from the filter housing and remove the plastic bag. Replace the filter housing.

Open the bleeder valve located in

Skimmer cavity because it allows

escape of air from the pump while the

filling hot tubs. Note: The valve only

It should be loose and not

completely removed.

Fill your Coast spa bath with your garden

hose. Place the hose into the filter

canister and secure the hose in place. Filling through the filter allows for much trapped air from the pumps and heating, which are to be removed.

Fill the hot tub between 1/2 and 3/4 of the way up the skimmer opening. Retighten the air vent valve in the skimmer cavity (finger tight only) Remove the lid and place the hose back to the filter canister and tighten in place with the retaining ring (see. Maintenance Filter)

NOTE: The Coast Vířivkas recommends that you do not fill your hot tub with hot

water. Too hot water (over 107), can cause damage to components in vířivkybalení, as well as all components of plastic and acrylic. NOTE: Do not fill your hot tub with water from a water softener. If your water is extremely hard Coast Vířivkas dealer can help you to solve this problem.

Filling your hot tub COAST (CASCADE SERIES)

Bleeder VALVE

Initial start-up (standard models)

• Turn off the power at the circuit breaker.

• Ensure that the union fittings are tight and valves (Gate or knife) are fully open.

• Turn the power at the main breaker.

• If the first whirlpools powered-up it will run a diagnostic test of its own.

Whirlpools enter "sucks" and it appears on the control panel with "PR". The self diagnostic test may take 4-6 minutes. Do not press any buttons while the test is running. After completing the test, you will see a temperature reading

on the control panel.

• Now you can adjust the temperature to the desired temperature using

The buttons on the control panel. Depending on the initial water temperature, it may take 6-12 hours to reach the desired temperature.

WARNING: Do not run hot tub with gate valves closed or run pump with no water circulating in the spa. This will damage the pump and pump seals.

DRAIN AND Winterizing

Jacuzzi discharge COAST

After a period of 3-4 months, the detergent residues from bathing suits and soap film build up in your spa water. Once this happens, it will appear in your water, storm and should probably be replaced.

Turn off the power off at the circuit breaker.

Locate the drain valve (usually equipped campus).

Remove the protective cover and connect a garden hose.

Draining water into a convenient area. (Hot water may damage the grass or plants if sanitizer levels are high.)

When the water begins to flow from the hose, open the air valve located on the filter cap.

Your Coast Jacuzzi will drain to a small portion left in the footwell. This can be removed with a sponge and bucket.

Once empty, clean as required.

Finally, remove the garden hose and connect the safety seal.

IMPORTANT (Cascade Series): It will be another drain valve. This is connected directly to the reservoir to see the water level to go down to the pipe in view of the device area.



Winterizing your spa

In many areas of the world, the temperature can drop below 32 ° F (0 ° C). We recommend that hot tubs are always filled with water and running at normal spa temperatures. This will minimize the risk of frost within your spa. If you must leave the hot tub for an extended period of cold weather, you should drain the water in order to avoid accidental freezing due to power outages.

Your dealer Coast Vířivkas be performed after the winterizing procedures, if you are not completely satisfied with them.

• Make sure you are completely exhausted whirlpool (See discharge COAST Jacuzzi section)

• After draining, your Coast Jacuzzi can still remaining in the appliance and plumbing fixtures water. Disconnect tighten union fittings go in and out of the jet pumps. Be careful not to lose the rings between the unions and the pump housing.

• Leave the drain valve open a childproof cap off.

• To completely drain the plumbing lines, wet / dry shop vacuum can be used to pull out the remaining water. Place the vacuum hose through the jet valves at the spa, as well as sanitation trails in the area. You should also disconnect the plug on a crystal clear control tube.

• Remove the filter cartridge and store in a warm, dry place.

• Clean the spa shell and place the cover on the hot tub jacuzzi. Make sure to lock the cover in place in case of strong winds or rain.

• NOTE: The above instructions should be adequately follow when winterizing your spa, however, the guidelines and the potential damage from frost may still occur. Any freeze damage is the sole responsibility of the spa owner and is not covered by the guarantee should it occur.

• Emergency: To eliminate freezing in the event of equipment failure, use a 100-W light bulb or a small heater via extension cord and place it in the device space, keep it away from plumbing lines. This will help for a short time until proper service can be provided.


Hot tub filter is one of the most important parts to the hot tub owner needs to keep. The filter is that to remove impurities from the water and must be cleaned at regular intervals. Failure to do so may result in poor performance, poor water quality, and can prevent whirlpools of heating. Filtration starts as soon as the flow is permanent filter. Since the filter element removes debris from the pool water, the accumulated debris causes flow resistance.

Cleaning and replacing the filter cartridge

Your hot tub filter has been designed for quick and easy maintenance. The filter cartridge should be rinsed hose once a week and cleaned with a cleaner cartridge once a month. The second filter element is recommended and will accelerate the process. It can be purchased at your local retailer Coast Vířivkas.


• Turn the power off at the circuit breaker.

• Release the bleed valve, then remove the retainer ring.

• Pull the filter lid upwards to remove.

• Do not twist or pull the filter cover at an angle. This could lead to damage of the filter container, especially in conditions of freezing.

• Remove the filter insert and clean with a garden hose and high-pressure nozzles. Periodically you will have to soak the filter in the "filter cartridge cleaner" to remove excess minerals and / or oil.

• Rinse the filter thoroughly before installing. Clean o-ring on the filter cap and apply a thin layer of silicone lubricant to o-ring. Do not use petroleum-based lubricants, as this could damage the O-ring. Consult your dealer coast Whirlpool to purchase a suitable lubricant.

• Place clean cartridge in the filter canister.

• Replace the filter cover and tighten the retaining ring (finger tight only).

Filtration Access Cover

Retaining ring

Air safety valve Dome Lid

Filtration Cartridge

NOTE: Make sure the O-ring on the air vent, and it is finger tight before starting the pump. The O-ring should be regularly lubricated with silicone grease.

• There is a 3.8 "bright lines originating from the filter, and it goes to the bottom corner

the hot tub. It drains all the water around the filter canister.

• It is a good time to check the skimmer basket. Bring the skimmer door

(weir) forward and unscrew the basket. Clean dirt and reinstall.



• Disconnect the power supply at


• Open the skimmer

• Reach in and remove

skimmer basket.

• Pull straight up and out

Remove the basket. Clean

out debris.

• Remove the switching board.

• Remove the filter element.

• Clean the garden

and high pressure hose

nozzle. Regularly

you'll have to dunk

your filter cartridge

filter cleaner to remove

excess minerals and / or oil.

• Rinse the filter thoroughly before installing.

• Reverse the procedure to reinstall the filter cartridge.

• Put one pump at low speed to help pull out the tray.


Maintaining water quality within specified limits will serve to enhance your enjoyment and prolong the life of equipment, whirlpools them. This is a fairly simple task, but it requires regular attention because the water chemistry involved is a balance of several factors. There is no simple formula, and it is not avoided. Careless position in connection with the maintenance of water will result in poor and potentially harmful conditions for it, and even damage to the hot tub investment. The most important thing to keep in mind that prevents poor water chemistry is much easier than correcting the wrong water chemistry. For specific guidance on maintaining water quality, consult your Authorized Coast Vířivkas dealer who can recommend appropriate chemical products for sanitizing and maintaining a hot tub.

Maintain a healthy pool water

Always keep your Jacuzzi water chemistry within the following parameters:







Total Alkalinity


Calcium Hardness



pH: The pH is a measure of the relative acidity or alkalinity of the water and is measured on a scale from 0 to 14. The center 7 is said to be neutral ,, above which is alkaline and below which is acidic. In the bath water, it is very important to maintain a slightly alkaline conditions from 7.2 to 7.8. Problems became quite serious further outside of this range the water gets. A low pH will be corrosive to metals in the hot tub equipment. The high pH causes minerals impose on the inner surface (scaling). Furthermore, ability of sanitizing agents to clean the whirlpool is significantly affected as the pH moves beyond the ideal range. That is why almost all Hot water test kits contain a measure for pH as well as sanitizer.

Sanitizer (chlorine or bromine): To destroy bacteria and organic compounds in the hot tub water by breaking them into non-harmful levels which can be filtered out. The disinfectant must be used regularly, either chlorine or bromine. Disinfecting pool water whirlpools most important maintenance you can do for yourself.

Total Alkalinity: This refers to the ability of the hot tub water to resist changes in pH. Alkalinity control can help to maintain the pH in the appropriate range thereby lessening the need to balance the pH. In case it is too low pH will vary rapidly from high to low. In the event that it is too high pH value will tend to be too high, and it will be very difficult to bring back down.

Calcium Hardness: This is the measurement of dissolved calcium in the water. Calcium helps control the corrosive nature of the spa water.

WARNING: Never store chemicals inside the equipment area of ​​your spa.

IMPORTANT: Do not use hydrogen peroxide-based sanitizers at the spa. When using trichlor chlorine or bromine tablets must use a floating dispenser. These chemicals can have a corrosive effect on certain materials in the spa. Damage caused by the use of these chemicals or improper use of any chemicals, is not covered by warranty bath.

Other additives

Many other additives are available for your hot tub. Some are necessary to compensate for out-of-balance water, some aid in cosmetic water treatment and others simply alter the feel or smell of the water. Your Authorized Coast Vířivkas dealer can advise you on the use of these additives.


Water Problem


Potenionalní Solution

Water Odor

LOW disinfection Excessive organic substances in water the pH is too low

ADD Sanitizer

Shock hot tub with disinfectant Adjust pH

Chlorine Odor

Chloramines are too high pH is too low

Shock hot tub with disinfectant Adjust pH

Musty smell

Bacteria or algae growth

Shock hot tub with sanitizer Drain and refill the water in the pool


Total alkalinity is too high pH value is too high

High level of calcium in the water

Adjust total alkalinity Adjust pH

Use stains and product range


Total alkalinity is too low pH is too low

High content of metals in water

Adjust alkalinity

Adjust the pH

Use stains and product range

Clear Water

Poor filtration

pH is too high

The hardness is too high

Total alkalinity is too high suspended particles

Clean the filter cartridge Adjust pH

Set hardness

Adjust total alkalinity Draining and refilling water in the pool

Algae Growth

pH is too high sanitizer is too low

Adjust pH

Shock hot tub with disinfectant sanitizer level Adjust

Eye irritation

pH is too low sanitizer is too low

Adjust pH

Shock hot tub with disinfectant sanitizer level Adjust

Skin rash / irritation

Free chlorine level is too high unsanitary water

Adjust the chlorine level Shock hot tub with disinfectant adjust sanitizer level


Your Authorized Coast Vířivkek retailer carries a wide range of care and maintenance. For more information, please contact your dealer.

The required filter maintenance

Your new hot tub is equipped with a filter cartridge Microban. To ensure maximum water quality at all times, you should replace the filter cartridge every six months, or sooner if necessary. The filter cartridge is designed to blow! Attempts to re-use the filter cartridge can result in the re-release of unwanted particles back into the hot tub.


You should replace the hot tub's water every 3-6 months. The frequency will depend on many variables, including frequency of use, number of bathers and attention to maintain water quality. You'll know it's time for a change when you can no longer get the normal feel or sparkle to the water even though the key water balance measurements are within the recommended range.


Pillows can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance. All pillows are connectors inside the pillow itself. To remove the pillow firmly grasp the bottom edge and pulling it out. This allows pillows to pop out of the socket in vířivkyshellu. To reinstall the pillow you align the connector socket with a pillow. Press / to hit the front of the pillow tightly, which will push back the plug into the socket.

• Do not sit on cushions

• Do not pull on cushions

• Proper water chemistry must be maintained. Failure to do so may

damage the hot tub pillows.

• Pillows should be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soap, then

wiped with conditioner. We recommend that pillows wash every time you drain your hot tub.


Jacuzzi in interior

Your Coast spa is a fiberglass reinforced acrylic shell. Generally, stains and dirt do not adhere to the surface. To properly clean the surface, we recommend wiping with a damp cloth or sponge () using household soap or liquid detergent and rinse thoroughly with fresh water. Stubborn dirt or stains can be removed by Spitz & Vířivkan adequately dissolved in water.

Do not use any cleaning products containing abrasives or solvents since they may damage the surface. Chemicals should never be used on acrylic surfaces. Shell damage due to the use of chemicals is not covered under warranty.

Do not leave exhausted jacuzzi and direct sunlight for extended periods. Extreme heat could damage the acrylic surface.

STAINLESS controls and components above the water

To keep stainless steel controls and components above the water, we recommend it be cleaned with a dry, soft cloth after each use of your hot tub.


Never spray cabinet with a high pressure garden hose or pressure washer without giving a reason. This action may cause an electrical short circuit in the electrical system, the hot tub is.


Our cedar cabinets are made from high-quality Western Cedar and manufactured and dyed in our factory. With proper care and maintenance, your cedar cabinet should maintain its beauty for many years. Coast Vířivkas recommends touch-up or re-staining the Cabinet every three to four years depending on the environment. Contact your representative for re-staining procedures.


Coast Vířivkas Vinyl optional enclosures are made from a rigid polymer that combines the durability of plastic with the beauty of real wood. This cabinet is designed so that it will not crack, peel, blister or delaminate even after prolonged exposure. We recommend wiping them with a soft damp cloth or sponge) (household soap or liquid detergent and rinse with fresh water. Do not use abrasive cleaners or materials, as this could damage the surface.


Coast Vířivkas optional slate cabinets are custom made and painted in our factory. We recommend lightly brushing cabinet with a soft brush to remove dirt or stains. For more information about caring for your Slate cabinets, contact the Coast Whirlpool dealer.

COAST VÍŘIVKAS care coverage

Well cared the spa cover is a thing of beauty in its own right. Make sure to clean and condition your cover at least once a month - more often if needed. Your cover should be cleaned and stabilized, because vinyl can be dry and brittle, spoiling the look of your pool. Dry, brittle vinyl also tear at the seams and stress points. Quality materials, internal networks and strengthening of careful workmanship can only go so far against the ravages of Mother Nature. Look for specific warranty card enclosed with cover for more details.

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