Caring for hot tubs during winter

Cold winter season can be a great time to get your hot tub after spending hours shoveling your driveway. Nothing beats the entrance to the 39 ° C water swirling pool to relax, yet so powerful jets massage your aching back slowly, with snow swirling all around you. It may sound like the perfect end to the day, but unfortunately without due care and attention paid to your spa, you can remove the cover only to find himself staring at a piece of ice.

To properly during the winter to keep your hot tub a certain amount of attention and maintenance is necessary to avert unpleasant disaster. Here are some preventative measures you can take ...

Try to make it a daily habit to check your hot tub, just look under the hood and dipping his hand into the spa ensure that the whirlpool is in operation
If you are going away for an extended period of time, try to have someone check up on your spa. Small power outage can sometimes cause the circuit breaker to shut down without a reset may damage your spa
When first deciding where to put your bath, try to place it close enough to your house to make it easier to check up on it
Winterising_spaWinterising services from Canadian Spa

SunCom offer zazimovací service - please contact us for details on 604844444

What we offer *:

Pipe cleaning work Spa pipe cleaner is added to water to clean pipes, Spa and Anti-Shock Scale is then added to help release a breakdown of calcium build up in the pipes before emptying the bath.
Filters removed: filters to soak through our Filter Cleaner to clean.
Components exhaust: All piping is disconnected from the pump and the heater to stop the water from freezing in pipes.
Treat the surface of the hot tub: surface whirlpools rid of rainwater dirt and insects.

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