Buying Guide hot tubs and swim spas.


When buying goods, including hot tubs and swim spa, it is important for everyone something else. In this area, the customers decide also to different factors. Among the most common are: the shape and overall design whirlpools, as well as the layout and type of seats, the third in order of price, often at the manufacturer, then a few people searching for the performance and used invisible but indispensable materials (outdated / modern) and a few are also interested in a person who had a hot tub actually sells and if it also provides service.


We wrote to you a few tips that could help you in deciding to purchase a hot tub (sometimes whirlpool, Jacuzzi), whether you decide in any way.

The company and its history (Seller), hot tubs and swim spas

Dealers spas today is a lot. Indeed, as sellers of other products. However, if in water technologies will have little experience and are not by nature a DIY enthusiast, you should focus on the retailer, who will guarantee service and hot tubs. From experience, we would advise: buy a hot tub just for established companies that are in the market for a longer period of time (at least 5-6 years). Numerous companies in the whirlpools worked just 2-3 years and then abruptly ceased its activities. Their customers have come about warranty service and hustling assistance and spare parts for your hot tub else, of course, no guarantee these benefits.

Definitely buy a hot tub only through the Internet without having to previously teamed up with one of the company's dealers and discuss with him all the details that you are interested about the hot tub. Interview you get a connection with someone who should sell whirlpools understand and at the same time you should also be able to advise you in this area. Ask about the store, to be able to see your choice and live like a hot tub and a possible delivery times. Of course the hot tub service after purchasing it and everything else that you generally interested in a whirlpool. Do not be afraid to admit that you have in this topic for absolute rookies, the seller will always be able to advise on fundamental points and describe everything you should know in the beginning.

Purchase a hot tub or swim spa at the company, which has no experience in this area and foster service team guarantee a future problem. Large firms usually have large showrooms. Somewhere in one place, you can try multiple brands and 60 whirlpools. If you have the opportunity to visit the showroom, be sure to do it because every spa is done differently and sit in the dry is the best way to tell if you are a comfortable size. Professional companies also offer a try inked a hot tub.


In sum:

• Pay attention to the products they buy.

• Do not buy just the picture, but also by the vendor and its hinterland.

• It's like buying a car. First, you like it, then do it sitting down and talking about it with the seller, while the service and everything related to the purchase, eventually going for a ride and then you make a final decision. Try to follow the same procedure as when buying a hot tub and satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Price whirlpools and swim spa

The prices are difficult to navigate even harder to be based on them. Today has long been an unwritten rule does not apply, according to which many people have for years controlled: What is expensive, it is quality that is cheap, it is at least suspicious. Every trader needs to make their goods to his business at all worthwhile. The same goes for hot tubs. Nowadays, unfortunately, famine trend that customer to common questions on the quality of goods also adds: And how much will you give me a discount? While still subconsciously governed by Oni unwritten rule.

Let's give an example, when two retailers sell the same and a hot tub. (This, of course, but we could be applied to other goods than they are Jacuzzis).


Dealer whirlpools 1: Resigned to the requirement of a cost whirlpools down as low as possible to lure even those who still doubted about the availability of hot tubs. Although lure customers, but there are also those that primarily interested in why it's so cheap - doubts about the quality. And we again ,, u What is cheap is inherently poor. "


Dealer whirlpools 2: Prices held high, at first glance its goods therefore less accessible to lower grade. In the first place, therefore, rush, those who are convinced that ,, What is expensive, it is good. "But who decides to visit his discreetly tells you a discount on the hot tub is a good chance that she will get. A small number of times not.


As a result, the price for both retailers whirlpools under the same model of the same. However, each vendor has a different whirlpools. Rarely encounter the same model with the same equipment. Oftentimes Seller whirlpools 1 offers one hot tub immediately cheaper with better equipment than Seller whirlpools second

Evidently, therefore, can not navigate by price.


To cut a long story short

• Be careful when initially selecting the pool and hot tub to avoid established outdated and password: ,, What is cheap, it is the poor that is expensive, it is a leader. "

• Prices whirlpools on the market will certainly see that ye be not large fluctuations between different vendors surprise.

• Investigate equipment and whirlpools, if you already comparing models between them. Not just the size, manufacturer ...

• Do not go out that the seller gives you a discount on the hot tub, but try to find out about the hot tub in the first place and the quality of its properties, then compare the data, whether the price is optimal or not, and therefore whether it is appropriate to discount retailers require.

Origin of goods (Producer), swim spas and hot tubs

This is a topic with whirlpools total tricky. Given the fact that most sellers in our market - whether for mobile phones, laptops and other electronics, textiles, utensils or even automobiles - is manufactured largely in China, since there are production costs minimal, people on this the fact they were forced to get used to. But if you are looking for something that you want to make happy, give it a reward - a piece of jewelry, a nice dress or even a hot tub - with the fact that the matter is written ,, Made in China ", dropping their interest. However, that is something ,, Made in China "does not mean it's wrong. It is true that China produces mainly consumer stuff, so those will not last much. I come from China, but beautiful art, high quality products and originality. This also applies to hot tubs. China is marking us today synonymous with bad. Thus, a distinction ,, China "as generally comes from China and Chinese ,," as bad.

In addition to country of origin, we must realize that the hot tub is made up of many components, which was of course the Chinese do not have to be. Equipment whirlpool is what really makes a whirlpool tub. Much depends on acrylate and its processing, selected nozzles, the number and strength of pumps, quality and actual performance insulation of the hot tubs, of course, not forgetting the brain of it all - the control panel. China, therefore, may not really be China. Neither acrylate itself is in high-quality hot tubs made in China does not Chinese, but American. About all that but in more detail below.

Other differences are in ergonomics, design complete whirlpools, water purification technology. One of jacuzzi, which is a photo of two producers appears to be identical, can have both completely different equipment. Here again, it is necessary not to follow only the price - it is better technology retailer, which offers a hot tub for more money, it may not be true. Again the above rules on prices - to validate if the price is adequate.

We will attempt to describe in detail now that the hot tub is not only a bathtub with jets that drain a few times a year. We think that the customer every commodity, including jacuzzis, should know what they are buying. I whirlpools from China have their customers who are satisfied with them. Although it is a hot tub in China, but with high quality components. However, a completely Chinese Jacuzzis you will make happy only a moment.

How, then, to know China from China? Furthermore, we briefly explain, what is actually composed jacuzzi, and compare the components used.


Shell (acrylate), whirlpools

The shell is entirely visible and especially the first thing u hot tub, to which we are looking. But not as acrylate acrylate.



There are three main manufacturers of acrylic color in the world:


1) USA - Aristech

2) USA - Lucite

3) The Chinese company whose acrylate is used only in the hot tub apparently being produced in China. It is a cheaper substitute above.


Most of the world's leading manufacturers of spas, and even in China, the use of American companies. Chinese acrylate, while it is cheaper but very poor and even bursting at the factory. So if you buy a hot tub, which was lucky with the production process and the Chinese acrylate went through to a successful end, is a great probability that in a few years (this may be but a few months), the acrylic will begin ,, growing "bubbles. So-called osmosis. This cosmetic defect may further lead to cracking methacrylate, strikethrough water. If you have a hot tub in an apartment on a higher floor, you neighbors for subsequent flooding also certainly praise.

A lot of Chinese manufacturers claim that they used acrylate is an American, while the Chinese use. But can such a prize, if they were indeed American acrylate. Chinese acrylate price is 80 percent lower than the US. Quality corresponds to the price .... But a layman knows. Az after a few years. Most of the 2 year guarantee, but many times later.


How to recognize a good Aristech acrylics from Lucite or Chinese?


The difference in quality acrylics may not be obvious at first glance longer. Acrylates quality are beautifully smooth, not too sharp edges, at first glance, show no gaps as small dents or irregularities. Acrylate Chinese expert identifies them. Lajk and after 2 years of using the hot tub. Even at first glance, the longer it does not seem anything on it. In the second viewpoint, then we find the previously mentioned drawbacks. When you see a real American acrylate and after a thorough comparison will know the Chinese. American Canadian and European companies use only Lucite or Aristech.


Quality acrylic, poor work

One thing is to have quality material and the other is able to professionally handle it. Manufacturers who use American acrylate, it still does not produce a quality hot tub. What is needed is quality technologies and training the people who operate it. One thing is shaping the production of acrylic and second, to properly adhere to the acrylic laminate to the overall skeleton was strong and the time for deformation. But this is about the practice and the effort of each manufacturer, seller also to get checked from whom whirlpools taken. Most Chinese manufacturers is not used as a protective layer which Aristech and Lucite recommended. It is a layer of bubbles that occurred on acrylate. This protection is more expensive, but perhaps all US and European manufacturers use it. In China Sun And so, even when using high-quality acrylic from USA may arise problem with bubbles on acrylate and subsequent expensive repairs or buying a new hot tub after a few years.

Of course, even the US spas here and there happens to be a problem with acrylic. However, it happens so rarely that instead of repairing a hot tub customer simply replaced with a new one. If we compare the percentages that indicate the degree vyskytnutých problems with quality brands is around 1%, with Chinese manufacturers is 10%. It's up to the seller to solve problems eventually with acrylic. However, in exchange for a new one if you have a hot tub under warranty, not hope, if you forward this seller guarantee. Acrylic patch then seduces a few people in the Czech Republic. There is in all of Europe, many manufacturers who issued the People whirlpools for others. A layman's no chance to get to know if you see the production. For example

whirlpools ALBIXON - purported German - SNG china

Whirlpools Spa studio - Canadian spa - but supposedly Canadian uzní manufacturers in China - Monalisa etc.

Hanscraft - Worst quality company in China Jazz.



In sum:

• It is therefore sensible to take some pay more, or more zapátrat, and instead of Chinese to buy whirlpool hot tub, at least from China. -)

• If you want quality acrylic, Lucite, or just buy Aristech and if you have a problem with the acrylate, as soon as possible consult an experienced retailer, which solves the problem certainly before it is too late.


The control panel and electronics - the brain whirlpools and swim spa

There are several manufacturers. The best, proven experience and the highest quality are: Balboa USA, Canada Gecko, Davey and seldom even an Italian firm. These panels are reliable, very low failure and comfortable in handling. This beautifully designed. However, the exact opposite of the control panels Ethink Chinese companies. (See image below.) These panels are not only highly fractured, but often dangerous whirlpool. Very often, they turn on the heater without your knowledge. In effect, this means water overheating, possible damage to the components, up irreversibly. They ourselves with such cases have already met several times. So if you see a hot tub, which is reproduced below one of the panels, you can be sure that the hot tub was made entirely with all components in China.

Once a hot tub and swim spa systems Balboa or Gecko, you can be sure you will be satisfied. Both manufacturers have several series, which all excel in comfort and ease of use, modern design and functionality. The latest series control panels have been colored or even touch. Further, the panel can be controlled remotely over the Internet and similar innovations that make it very easy and pleasant to work with jacuzzi and provide control over it.

Balboa is now sold well in China, and therefore the quality of Chinese brands that care for quality, used for its whirlpools and only just Balboa systems. That's a higher quality guarantee leash a cheap Chinese systems. Jacuzzi from China, which has an installed technology Balboa, but that is still cost-effective matter, but the risk disorders is rapidly reduced to a minimum. A hot tub, you can buy without fear.


In sum:

• Provided you want to avoid the high potential problems or even self-destruct whirlpools, avoid Chinese panels (see the figures below).

• Be careful about what you say retailer of hot tub, these panels remember!

• If you want to be in peace, choose the hot tub, which has a control system and electronics Balboa or Gecko.

• Jacuzzi from China, which has a system of Balboa, a hot tub or less trouble if the company has good technology for the production of the hot tub shell.


Insulation whirlpools

There are many types of insulation. From the beginning, the only acrylic insulation. It already has almost every hot tub. If not, it is suitable for most interior and is very likely to be a massage bathtub.


Whirlpools insulation varies depending on the type.


1) Complete or partially filling the space between the acrylate and skeleton foam.

Filling the space with foam insulation is good, but it must be done correctly. All pumps should be on one side of the hot tub. If the pumps are alone, away from heaters, threatening them freezing. Some Chinese firms to do so. Although the US also use this type of insulation, but the pumps are together. If there is more to the added insulation sheathing, then that's fine and without problems. However, a problem occurs when the leak occurs in the hot tub. For repair, and even finding itself leaks, it is necessary to remove all the foam. So it is a question of costs extra.


2) Isolation flooring and sheathing PUR foam.

This is a very effective type of insulation, if properly insulated cladding, whirlpool and utilizes heat from escaping pumps. The actual pump then the exercise serves as another small heater. On this, you should also think, because the circulation pump that runs continuously, representing the heating function. The moment is to turn on the heating, it can be a starting problem. If you therefore jacuzzi heats up, even when you turn off the heater, you must shorten the circulation. Generally, the recommended total of 4 hours per day.


3) Isolation flooring and cladding with aluminum foil and foam insulating hot tub.


It works exactly like the previous one. This is the best, but also the most expensive type of insulation. However, if done well and accurately, higher purchase price will be reflected later in lower operating costs.


 In sum:

• Insulation is the most visible parts of the whirlpool, but poorly treated insulation we can in the winter as troublesome.

• Choose a insulation that is adequate to the environment in which you will exhibit a hot tub. Be especially careful when placed outdoors.


Pump hot tub with swim spa

Pump whirlpools vary the ratio of performance and consumption. Pumps, which consume large amounts of energy, but does not make adequate performance. The difference can be up to three times the electricity consumption. Also connected with the life of the pumps.

The best and most used pumps in whirlpools are Gecko, Waterway, Balboa, Davey, behind them in tow LX, where massage pumps are good, but the circulation again varies according to type. On the other manufacturers would rather pay attention may be a low-quality products. Most of the better manufacturers use Gecko, Waterway or Balboa.

Nozzles jets

The jets are what makes whirlpool tub. ,, Swirling jets' water. And not only that - provide us why you are buying a hot tub, a hydro-massage. It is shown that hydro is the best way to unwind and relax the muscles. Water buoyancy us, relaxes the whole body and water jets gently massage the muscles.

As regards the material, in whirlpool nozzles are always made of plastic. Other material here can not even use. Mostly used gray or black plastic. If the retailer Present the nozzles are stainless steel, it is mean that in addition to the plastic base of the nozzle is fitted with a wheel cover, or a decorative element in stainless style. The overall impression is of course better for many customers. Some retailers have these ,, stainless steel nozzle "with a surcharge, others do not.

 Many customers are familiar with the selection of hot tubs by the number of nozzles. The numbers are misleading. Regardless of the number of nozzles, but to deploy seats / chairs and the even distribution of the nozzles. Quality manufacturers always deploy nozzle so that the maximum hydromassage Jacuzzi fulfilled. Choose therefore mainly depending on whether you want more sit or lie and if you spot size fits or not. For nozzles it is important to look at more than the number and to the types of nozzles that prevail in the whirlpool.


There are several kinds of nozzles spas:


1) Direct whirlpool jets

These are probably the best known. Water penetrates only one opening in one direction only. Some direct jets are adjustable, while others do not. If our skin issue a direct jet, after a long moment it starts often itchy skin. It's nothing bad, it is only by water flow to the skin. In the hot tub mostly alternate sites, we do it automatically, so we alternate the places, which are exposed to a stream of water. Soothe the skin also helps us air jets.


2) rotating jets whirlpool

Rotary because it allows the passage of water rotating nozzle body. Sometimes one jet whirlpool spins a stream of water, sometimes two. Rotary nozzle alternate skin site, which operate on current. The strength of the massage is slightly smaller but more intense. They do it in different sizes, which also changes the appearance and apparent strength of the current.


3) Air jet whirlpools

It is powered by an air pump (sometimes blower or blower). Nemasírují, but colder concentration of bubbles soothe the skin. Creates the overall effect and environment in the jacuzzi.

Probably the most ideal is the combination of all three types. If the nozzles are thoughtfully distributed, then the hydromassage in the whirlpool comfortable and it will be very comfortable for a long time.

Amperage from the nozzles are controlled via the rotary attachments. Sometimes it can be regulated by turning the nozzle directly with them. If you are not pleasing their current can therefore be closed completely.


In sum:

• Regardless of the number of jets in the hot tub, but their positioning and type.

• The quality of the nozzles do not judge according to the material, but by the process.

• Best is a combination of all types of nozzles.

A complete summary of the whirlpool baths - swim spa

• Whether you call whirlpool hot tub, whirlpool or Jacuzzi, and keep in mind that the design and renomovanost brand is not everything. Always a hot tub vyzoušejte if you prefer. Whether on drought and water is better that you know the power of the jets.

• Distinguish ,, whirlpools of China "and Chinese ,, hot tub." Not every ,, Made in China "means that the product is ,, junk."

• Whirlpool from China, which present themselves as quality, use US Aristech acrylics or Lucite and control systems Balboa or Gecko. Whirlpools 100% Chinese know first and foremost by the panel, as well as by poor at first glance acrylic.

• make that decision in the first place by the prices whirlpools. Whirlpools price equals its quality. Make a price idea of ​​the types that you like, then visit a dealer showroom align themselves whether the price whirlpools adequate to its quality.

• The most reliable, while recommended, is a hot tub to dry to see if we are comfortable place. If the retailer does not stock a hot tub, you have chosen, select and show you here, in places that are as similar as possible, so you can order a hot tub without fear of disappointment.

• Choosing a hot tub, pay attention and do not forget to buying themselves a hot tub does not stop there. Also important is the follow-up support and service dealer.

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