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Maple Leaf – Canada

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Maple Leaf – Canada

Luxury Hot Tubs – Handcrafted Quality.

One of the best ergonomics whirlpools for even higher and urostlejší of you. For each occurrence of whirlpools Maple Leaf hours worth of hard work of many people, from designers across therapists to technicians. The result is a spacious hot tubs, which make maximum use of space. Each of the sites in the whirlpool is unique and fulfills a specific function massage. These spas can be enjoyed from the massage your shoulders and neck area.

For its acrylate used the hot tub Maple Leaf brand Lucite. All beautifully complements the LED light therapy. Underwater LED lights changing colors and creating an atmosphere of complete peace and relaxation.

Isolation of these spas are ready to protect the water temperature, and technology in even the harshest conditions in Canada, so it can be sure in our country in Central Europe. Isolated in addition to acrylic and bottom casing and hot tubs.

Hydromassage at these spas have such power and efficient layout that will satisfy even the athletes who need to relax stressed muscles after sport. Effective massage appreciated even by those who have long been at work sitting or standing all day and straining only a specific part of the body. Muscles are so stiff and feel petrified. Whirlpools Maple Leaf easily remove this difficulty, but allows you to enjoy a longer relaxation time. Hydromassage is not uncomfortable or painful. This is the best way to relax muscles by using water currents and whirlpools of the water flow is used very cleverly.

Control unit for these spas recommend you choose from a Canadian company Gecko. Panels of these control units are the most modern, are colorful, intuitive, clear, and their handling is very easy. In addition, the panel can communicate with other modern conveniences, so that the hot tub can be installed. For example, Gecko in.Touch - whirlpools control over your mobile phone, thanks to wi-fi.

No compromises, Maple Leaf are simply stunning and sophisticated whirlpool of high quality and long-time producer.

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