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Infrared quartz heater and heating. For restaurants and outdoor use for barbecues and other events.

Infrared heaters will help to prolong the summer season, when evening temperatures falling rapidly, but you still want to sit on the terrace. If you want to stretch in September or October, barbecue, you certainly one of the heaters will come in handy. You'll be so much sit till late hours in the fresh air even when others are already holed up in living. Infraohřívač you simply make your stay in the hot tub on the terrace during cold days and nights.

Our heaters are suitable for both outside and inside, have a high heating efficiency without generation of dust, they are suitable for allergy sufferers! Their operation is very quiet, so you will not disturb you only care about your comfort. Outdoor heat lamps do not only heat but also a source of pleasant light and become even design accessory. Heaters are suitable for interior when we need to promote classical heating or conventional heating is not available (eg. Cottages, glazed terraces etc.). The warmth you feel when you turn on instantly and light ensures a pleasant atmosphere.

quartz are in stock at great prices! Contact us for more information!

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