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Visit our showroom with whirlpools. The largest in Central Europe. Over 50 spas to try whirlpools and other stock.

We offer 6 rows whirlpools - from the cheapest budget to luxury. Chinese Jazz whirlpools, hot tubs Aquazii French, Czech IDOL SPAS whirlpools, Canadian Coast Spas, Cal Spas hot tubs American, Italian Jacuzzi, Canadian Maple Leaf SPAS, by Slovak Vajda whirlpools.

Are you interested in more orientate in hot tubs? As it is very difficult to navigate in the products and by whirlpool real qualities we we article as alesopn little focus. And what to be careful when choosing a hot tub. Read here how to select a hot tub.

Newly we offer quality Czech IDOL SPAS hot tubs.

Which designed and produced entirely in the Czech Republic. By pressing shell acrylic hot tubs after kopletaci. Thus, we are very flaxibilní and we can build a hot tub tailored to your wishes and components. For example, we do sheathing of the material you choose, add jets wherever you want. Everything if technically possible.

Contemporary hectic and stressful lifestyle is taking energy so much. Therefore you need to relax a bit and get fresh. Soak your tired body into the warm bubbling water, add essential oils and leave our reality. Welcome to the world full of sensitive hydrotherapy, full of the best massage. You will feel as fatigue and pain quickly leaves and comes a feeling of relief and happiness. The body blood circulation, muscles relax and joints warm up. This real hydrotherapy dream can be placed as well as in the bathroom as in the garden or terrace.

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