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Gril MONOLITH Expand

Grill MONOLITH is design. Combines Functionality and aesthetics in a perfect manner. Garden That element can please the eyes as well as taste.

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25 900 Kč

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21 405 Kč tax excl.

MONOLITH grill Means Freedom. Ceramic grill, Which retains whatever promises, Grilling, smoking, baking, cooking, barbecue, roasting. Enjoy the Fact That You Have a Choice That They can impress your guests and pamper your taste buds. Your garden will Become a country of unlimited Possibilities.
MONOLITH Brings to the house of the Italian culture, dining and Argentine way of life. Holiday - 365 days a year.
MONOLITH is tradition. For more than 3,000 years; they are Used ceramic stoves for cooking at low temperature Grilling and smoking. For the Japanese, known for centuries, Mushikamado from the 70s he Developed and ceramic grill and started His Victorious campaign in the world.

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