Coast Spas – Cascade series

Coast Spas – Cascade series

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Coast spas is not Just Another Hot Tub

Years of product innovation, development and eld-testing has perfected the most unique and luxurious spas in the world, the Cascade Series. For the rst time ever, an in nity (vanishing) edge design is available on a portable hot tub. This patented feature is more than just aesthetically stunning - it successfully eliminates water displacement from multiple bathers and the need for space consuming skimmers.

In the past, owning a vanishing edge spa would require a home owner to have an expensive custom hot tub built on-site with a complex plumbing system. Not anymore, Cascade spas are one complete package and can be installed almost anywhere with no additional plumbing required. All the bene ts of a traditional spa with all the high-end luxury that you can only get from the Cascade Series. 

Patented Design

The World’s Only Vanishing Edge Portable Hot Tub. One edge of the spa is removed to the waterline, allowing for a seamless and stunning view of your surroundings.

Superior Performance

- Zero water displacement (water always stays at the same level)
- 100% Seating. No Space Consuming Filter Grate.
- Self Purging Technology. Spa automatically clears lines of air.
- Best View. Look directly over the waterline to your surroundings. - Largest and most e cient skimmer for pristine water. 

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