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Luxury swimming pool and swim spa in every detail.
The pool and swim spa Rohen is truly a pearl among hot tubs and swimming pools. Large space for swimming and Luxury WHIRLPOOLS part with watching TV embedded in the dividing of the hot tub and pool.

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750 950 Kč

tax incl.

653 000 Kč tax excl.

The dimensions of the pool and swim spa: 1,540 mm and 7500x2200x1420

Standard accessories swimming pool and swim spa:

Whirlpool parts of the pool:

Temperature: 15 _ C ~ 42 _ C
The steel frame of whirlpool
6 deployable head restraints
12 air jets
Jets: 120 pcs
Jets: 108 pcs
Countercurrent jets: 3 pieces
LED backlight: 7 kinds of colors
Fiber optic backlit 46: 7 kinds of colors 2

mushroom waterfalls Pump for water massage 3HP: 1
Pump for water massage 2HP 2
Circulation pump: 2 pc
Whirlpool blower 0.7kW Ozonitor

Water heater Cartridge filter
The control panel (for FM radio, preset heating and water temperature settings, setting the cleaning cycle, Frost Functions for WHIRLPOOLS., To preview CD)
Ice bucket: 2pc
The TV remote control

DVD player Top speakers: 2 pieces
Speakers on the panel: 2pc

Aromatherapy whirlpool Rectifiers: 3 pieces
Air Valves: 6 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi

Swimming pool swim spa:

Temperatures: 15 _ C ~ 30 _ C
The steel frame pool
9.5 Undertow ": 3 pieces (each With its own pump nozzle)
armrests: 3pc (7 kinds of color )
LED backlight: 7 kinds of colors
Fiber optic backlit 96: 7 kinds of colors
Counterflow pump 3HP: 3 pieces
1 Circulator health Ozonitor pool

Water Heater (2 units): 3KW
Cartridge filter: 2 pieces
Control (preset heating and water temperature settings / cleaning cycle / Frost Functions for the spa.)
Air Valves: 3 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi whirlpool Aromatherapy

4 Roman fountain jets: 7 kinds of colors
Roman fountain pump
Wooden outdoor use Thermal insulation

pool Durable acrylic surface Wooden stairs

pool pool with swim spa Rohen with a brand new hot tub Just Relax, ITS unrivaled design and inimitable. It's an endless swimming pool, 148 cm deep, and Luxury whirlpool bath one by one. it offers a DVD player, stereo speakers and slide it up to 6 people.

The swimming pool is equipped with three powerful professional countercurrent nozzles on each loop nozzle case of one pump. Therefore it can adjust the direction and strength of water jet from the nozzles to suit ITS strong swimmers adult or child. For other manufacturers May be deep swimming bath acrylic production bottleneck, but Just Relax Spa has ITS own technology with Which to Overcome it. It is Offering a 1480 mm deep and 1580 mm high swimming pool Which is perfect for all Demanding adult swimmers.

How to bring together 1,580 mm tall swimming pool and hot tub 980mmvysokou? This Was Possible Through a Sophisticated system of production and an exceptional level of technology and experience. Swimming pool and hot tub are at different heights. The best location for a 32 "LCD TV is on and Separate wall. How to keep the heat energy in the stepped bath? We make a special cover for the swimming pool, Which is at a different height Than the hot tub. It is Therefore Necessary to deal with the Costs, Whether for purchase or use and maintenance of Luxury swimming baths Because it pays.

Surcharge: 32 "LCD TV for 40000.- K

Number of massage jets120
Number of Air jets12
capacity (Seats)nekonečně
Spa size (mm) - Length7500
Spa size (mm) - width2300
Spa size (mm) - height1500
dry weight (Kg)1800
Weight with the water (Kg)7000
The number and power of the pumps5x 4hps
The total number of jets (in max. equipment)132

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Rohen - swim spa - spa - swimming pools with swim

Rohen - swim spa - spa - swimming pools with swim

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