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Aromatherapy for spas
they are aromatic essences extracted from our nature

What it is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy fragrant essences are derived from our nature. Most often obtained from known. Essential oils, and distillation of raw material in a fresh state of steam. Aromatherapy basically realize even walking in the woods or a picnic in the blooming meadow. Nature offers us countless scents, but there are a few that are most popular: vanilla, mint, eucalyptus, citrus variety, a mixture of herbs, pine ...

How does it work?

A few drops of aromatic substances can drip directly into the water. Since the essential oil, from which we obtain essences are volatiles occurs if they are allowed freely to their dispersion into the surrounding space. Inhalation sensation gets olfactory nerve to the olfactory center in the brain. From this point, a fragrance active substance influences the autonomic nervous system. May result in an increase or decrease in blood pressure, warmth, cold, refreshing, soothing, stimulating, eliminate headaches and more.

What brings aromatherapy?

It is proved that right aromatherapy brings relief and peace. Our relaxes airway muscles and calms the mind. If we combine it with hydromassage hot tub, overall calming of the organism does not take long to wait. The fragrant flowers sniff since time immemorial. Extracts from herbs can be added to their baths, ancient Greeks and Romans.

effects of aromatherapy

Natural scents induce human perception itself beside aroma and flavor have important biological activity. This bioactivity acts on various organ levels and induces a desired effect according to type of fragrance. Bioactivity is not seen only beneficial effects, may also give rise to undesirable effects. Extracts acting on the human body in the negative, however, for any of the products used.

Each extra smells something else, even if the scents that most people perceive affirmative.

If we choose to your bath smell good, alleviate unease that we bring today's world every day, washes away stress, anxiety and charged us with new energy. Demonstrated is a relief for headaches, stomach, back etc.

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