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Hot tub spas Lavie

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138 000 Kč

tax incl.

120 000 Kč tax excl.

A Self-Cleaning System Costs you less work and money on maintenance of a hot tub, but offers more enjoyment and healthy hydro massage. This is a exclusive technology of JNJSPAS, applying in our Butterfly collection outdoor spas. Self-Cleaning system with innovation and out of the traditional Cleaning System of spa products. It's combined with circulation pump, Ozonator and two filters, a floating skimmer and filter and air-pressure filter. During circulation cleaning process, the skimmer filter will be sucking and filtrating crump or others from surface, the air-pressure will be sucking from the bottom of tub tiny stuffs and body of bacteria sterilized by Ozonator. This system will ENSURE that clean up more effectively

Butterfly collection WHIRLPOOLS is not only equiped with our outstanding Self-Cleaning System, Also owns more exceptional features Than a common outdoor spa has., Like colorful mushroom waterfall, colorful roman fountain jets, up and down headrests, colorful lighting jets, colorful lighting Diverter and butterfly shape shell spa tub and curves.

Spa - Lavie
Seating Capacity:
3 Person
Power Supply:

220 ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60Hz or 380V / 50Hz

Acrylic Standard Features
  1. Hot tub: 1PC
  2. Pop-up Head rest: 3PCS
  3. Steel frame: 1PC
  4. LED Air jets: 12 (Seven kinds of color)
  5. Water jets: Total Jets56 PCS (hydro therapy 11 PCS / water 45 PCS)
    2 "point-blank water jets 45pc
    2.5" Rotary hydro therapy jets 4PC
    2.5 "point- blank hydro therapy jets 2pc
    4 "Rotary hydro therapy jets 3pc
    4" point-blank hydro therapy jets 1pc
    5 "point-blank hydro therapy jets 1pc
  6. Water flower equipment: 1PCS (Seven kinds of color)
  7. Water flower valve: 1PC
  8. Fiber optic light: 31 PCS (Seven kinds of color)
  9. Drain valve: 1PC
  10. Intake valve: 2PCS
  11. Hydro massage pump 3HP: 1PC
  12. Circulation pump 1 health: 1PC
  13. Air blower 0.7kW: 1PC
  14. Ozonator: 1PC
  15. Heater 3KW: 1PC
  16. Cartridge Filter: 1
  17. Pressure-filter: 1
  18. Control: 1
  19. Diverter Valves: 1 x 2 "Comfort Diverter Valves (Seven kinds of color)
  20. Air Control Valves: 3 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi (Seven kinds of color)
  21. Wooden cabinet: 1PC
  22. Aromatherapy: 1PC
  23. Insulation: 1PC
  24. Heavy duty spa cover: 1PC
  25. Wooden step: 1PC
  26. OPTIONS1 - Stone cabinet: 1PC
  27. Options2 - TV 15 ": 1PC
  28. Options3 - DVD: 1PC
  29. Options4 - Topside Music: 1PC
  30. Options5 - Tub tray: 1PC
  31. Options6 - PVC cabinet: 1PC
  32. Options7 - Bar + stool package: 1PC
  33. Options8 - Winter Cover: 1PC
  34. Packing:
    Specification (mm)
    Volume (m3)
    G. K. (kg)
    hot tub
    • 20 "Container can be loaded: 5
    • 40 "HQ Container can be loaded: 11
    • Quality: The CE / ISO9001: 2008

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Lavie - hot tubs - WHIRLPOOLS

Lavie - hot tubs - WHIRLPOOLS

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