Alice 107 - hot tub. outdoor spas Aquazzi France

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125 000 Kč tax excl.
151 250 Kč tax incl.

Spa hot tub Alice:

Now the customer choose May and hot tub Choosing a car like this select different features or performances. They may be interested in one model, but want to DIY the features of spas ACCORDING TO Their favors or requirements. Most spas can not offer the DIY features for Consumers and the Each spa is FORMED from a mold, but the

SPA Alice is designed to fit with different features as per a customer's selection.

When it's Manufactured, it will be produced in Advantage, Elegant and Signature versions. Advantage version is a basic hydro spa, but it's complete by useful outdoor spa, Offering hydro massage therapy, Ozone disinfection, heating system, waterfall & amp; roman fountain jets, normal insulation, heavy duty cover, protect good FRP. Tub tray, step.

The Elegant version is Including all of Advantage, adds bubble jets, fiber optic lights system, extra insulation R10. With R10 insulation, the spa can save 41.3% yearly power consumption. And the Signature version, has not only what Advantage has, but Also more fantastic features, Including Fourn corner decorative colorful LED lights, stereo with subwoofer music system, DVD player and pop-up digital LCD TV entertainment system, make a garden spa to be Luxurious and hot tub.

capacity (Seats)5
Spa size (mm) - Length220
Spa size (mm) - width220
Spa size (mm) - height960
Number of Air jets12
Number of massage jets95
The total number of jets (in max. equipment)107
The number and power of the pumps3x2HP
Volume (liters)1200
dry weight (Kg)330
Weight with the water (Kg)1550

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Alice 107 - hot tub. outdoor spas Aquazzi France

Alice 107 - hot tub. outdoor spas Aquazzi France

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